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Lebanon .. the government of the last chance? – Read in the international press

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Today’s newspapers dealt with: forming a new government in Lebanon, but it is a government that receives the refusal of the Lebanese street, as it reflects the political system that has governed Lebanon since the Taif Agreement. Also in the newspapers: the escalation in Iraq and the delay in naming a new prime minister, replacing Adel Abdul Mahdi, the outgoing prime minister. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hacked the phone of Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon company and owner of The Washington Post, and climate issues dominate the discussions in the Davos Forum.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab was able to form a government after three months of political vacuum. newspaper News The Lebanese said it was the government of last chance. This government, according to Al-Akhbar, is a hybrid mixture. The authors succeeded in melting it in the final collection, according to a mechanism that took into account loyalties, names, bags, sects, quotas, and regions. Al-Akhbar newspaper says that the Lebanese government is not the government of the right minister in the right place, nor is it an independent government, of course, but it is the government of the last opportunity that neither it nor the political forces that formed it had any other opportunity to save and provide a model in governance.
newspaper Lorion Logor She also considered the personalities in the Lebanese government as non-independent because she had the support of the March 8 coalition components. The new brought by the government is limited to including the first woman defense minister in the Arab world. She is Zeina Aker Adra, who also held the position of Deputy Prime Minister, regarding the reaction of the Lebanese street. Laurent Le Jour says that he rejected this formation and the giving of the Interior Ministry to a retired officer sparked a wave of doubts on social media.

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newspaper Daytime I wrote that this government was shared by parties and did not accommodate the uprising or its representatives. The new faces that have emerged in the government formation are a front for political leaders, which means that the old programs and plans themselves remain.

Waiting for a new government in Iraq, the escalation of the street and the cutting of bridges in southern cities continue. newspaper Term I wrote that for the second day in a row, after the deadline given by the protesters to the authorities to assign an independent figure to form a government, the demonstrators continued to cut vital roads and isolate Baghdad from southern cities, while the authorities continued to suppress protests using live bullets at times .. The newspaper estimated the number of casualties Clashes between protesters and security forces, with 100 victims killed and wounded.

The fruitless political spat and foggy latest naming the prime minister in Iraq, wrote a newspaper the morning Iraqi close to the authorities, and quoted statements by a representative of the Kurdistan Islamic Group bloc, Salim Hamza, said that the formation of the government entered into many difficulties and that the political blocs did not reach a comprehensive agreement on naming a strong candidate responsible for the stage that Iraq is going through.

Protests continue in Algeria. newspaper Motherland Address: The students are calling for a fundamental change, and Al-Watan wrote that it is the 48th Tuesday of the Algerian movement, and the newspaper referred to the protests that broke out in Algiers yesterday and to the slogans hostile to the authorities raised by the protesters.
In other matters, the British Guardian newspaper published a report stating that in 2018 the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hacked Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon company and owner of The Washington Post and the richest man in the world according to Forbes classification. The report says that the piracy operation took place after Jeff Bezos received a message via the WhatsApp application from a personal account of the Saudi crown prince. This encrypted message contained a virus that penetrated mobile programming for Bezos, according to what digital phone analyzes indicated.

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Other newspapers titled the debate between environmental activist Greta Tanburg and US President Donald Trump at the Davos Forum. newspaper The Independent She came back to this sparring and wrote that Greta Tanberg vehemently attacked the US president’s stance on climate change, and she addressed leaders and businessmen gathered in Davos, and to the American president in particular, telling them that your failure increases the flames in our planet hour after hour. We again require you to act and react to your children. The American president, in turn, was critical of what he called the prophets of banshee who foretell the end of the world. In the same newspaper, an opinion article by Phil Thornton says that popular actions against the climate crisis require the elite to sit down and realize the risks of climate change and cooperate in order to find solutions to the global warming crisis.

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