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Monday September 28, 2020

Lebanon .. Terrorist Cells After a Polite Apology?


The “Captun Cell” was annihilated. The group’s emir was killed along with eight individuals. The perpetrators of the Kuftun crime (North Lebanon) were killed on August 21, and three of the town’s residents were killed. All of them were killed, except for the one that Army Intelligence arrested two days ago. And only he has the truth about what the group was intending to implement in the town of Kaftoun that night, whether by confirming the available data on planning to carry out theft operations to finance terrorist acts, or by providing new data. And “Al-Akhbar” newspaper continued: Until the true story is revealed, the details of this process put Lebanon in front of a different scenario in terms of transformation in the way ISIS operate. It was remarkable that all the members of the cell refused to surrender and fought to the death. What happened on the night of the day before yesterday, Saturday, should be examined. A large Lebanese security force surrounded a remote home in which the militant group was fortified. They were asked to surrender, but they refused for the shooting to begin. The group resisted fiercely, and fired a “Lao” missile and “RPGs” at the attacking force, all wearing explosive belts. The attacking force destroyed part of the house on top of the people who had been fortified in it, after sniping a number of them. After the rubble was removed, it was found that nine members of the group were killed.

It was remarkable that the terrorist cells moved after the apology of the Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Adeeb, which raises several question marks about who moved these cells to threaten security and stability with the aim of political investment after the fall of the plot to smuggle a government that owes allegiance. For the Americans on the wing of the French initiative.

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The security operation in Wadi Khaled in Akkar ended with a death 13 Terrorist and arrest 15 In addition to the escape of two members of the terrorist group, while the elements of the strike force worked on sweep Region Prelude To stop them.

The Lebanese Army Intelligence carried out raids in the Al-Bared camp for a number of people suspected of involvement in terrorism and the Wadi Khaled operation, where 3 were arrested. People yet. It was a terrorist attack that took place on Saturday night Sunday at one of the army posts in the locality of Arman Minya, which led to the death of two soldiers, in addition to the killing of one of the terrorists.

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