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Friday November 27, 2020

Lebanon … Arranging a new stance by dealing with the state and the perception of it and its institutions


Representative Ali Hassan Khalil pointed out that “the position today was clear, and we, as a” development and liberation “bloc, expressed it in the Council by insisting on completing the audit of all state accounts, and this is the principled position that we have always advocated, far from populist rhetoric. .

Khalil pointed out, after the House of Representatives session, that “this formula has crystallized in the topic of discussion, and has become an enforceable decision, and all agencies must present all documents in order to define responsibilities,” explaining that “what happened today is not an ordinary matter, as it has arranged a new attitude towards abuse.” With the state and its perception of it and its institutions. “

He also stressed that “there should not be a cover for anyone and invoked any consideration of smuggling a position to cover a thief or a squanderer of any of the public money. Rather, there should be a careful dissection of all state expenditures from any date it deems appropriate until today, without reservation on anyone.” And that this information is available to the public opinion, because their money is all the expenditures made on each of the projects. “

Khalil stressed that “the matter that is no less important is the approval of the law that we presented as a mass, which is to consider the martyrs of the port crime as martyrs of the army with their provisions, and to consider the explosion wounded covered by social security benefits throughout their lives, and this matter is linked to an oppressed segment of people.”

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