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Tuesday October 20, 2020

Lebanese Interior Minister: We will be glad if Hariri is called to the government


The Minister of Interior and Municipalities in the caretaker government, Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmy, during his meeting at Dar Al-Fatwa, the Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abd al-Latif Derian, indicated that “the aim of these strict preventive measures adopted by the Ministry is Interior, is to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic and get out of this epidemic as quickly as possible, so that the economic movement in the country returns to its normal cycle without any obstacles, and this requires people to adhere to the controls and conditions that should be adhered to for their safety from this epidemic.

Fahmy affirmed that “officers and members of the Internal Security Forces are carrying out their duties to preserve the security of the homeland and the citizen, and to establish the principle of the rule of law,” pointing out that “some riots that take place from time to time in Beirut and some Lebanese regions are dealt with firmly and severely.” To reduce their aggravation. “
And he believed that “the occurrence of binding consultations in Baabda next Thursday, is a good sign to reach the designation of an appointed president who can advance Lebanon and get it step by step from its accumulated and difficult crises.”
Fahmy said, “We would be grateful for former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, if he is named to undertake this arduous task, and we wish him success and repayment.”

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