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Monday October 26, 2020

Learn about the “interests” of the Israeli entity in normalization with Sudan

The World – Hebrew Newspapers

The report indicated that although this is a poor and resource-poor country, there are a number of key areas that will allow the occupation entity to benefit from the settlement with Khartoum, in terms of security, agriculture, tourism, and preventing migration and infiltration..

The report said that in the field of immigration and infiltrators there is the possibility of cooperation between Sudan and the occupation entity, and although the infiltration crisis from Sudan is almost solved (most refugees and migrants seeking work are looking for other goals), the improvement in relations between the two parties may allow part of the job seekers to be returned to Sudan, if adequate security is provided not to be harassed.

In the field of tourism, the report said that Sudan stated in recent months that it would allow the passage of planes to the Zionist entity through its airspace, with the exception of “Al-Al” planes, and the report pointed out that such passage would shorten flights from “Israel” to targets in Africa, and among all the regions would be Ethiopia And South Africa, in addition to Latin America .. It is estimated that the trip to South Africa will be shortened by about 35 minutes in both directions, and to South America by about half an hour in one direction..

According to the site of the Israeli channel, Sudan may have potential for Israeli domestic tourism, as there are pyramids, waterfalls of the Nile and many diving sites, but tourism in the country is underdeveloped and very limited due to the security situation and because of the Islamic legislation that was practiced there until recently..

The Israeli report considered that in the field of exporting goods and services, the fact is that Sudan is a developing country that could allow the Israelis to export many types of goods, technology and services that are tangibly lacking, and added if the Israelis are able to adapt them to the economic capabilities of Sudan..

The report added that “Israel” has experience in agriculture in dry areas and water desalination, considering that these two fields are related to the needs of Sudan, which depends on agriculture but lacks water sources except for the Nile.

The report of the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence concluded that “Israel” can also provide Sudan with advice and assistance in the health field. In addition, the Sudanese elite may be a consumer of health services such as medical tourism in Israel.“.

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