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Friday February 14, 2020

Learn about medical alert bracelets and how they can help patients

Since 1956, people with medical disorders have been wearing bracelets and aim to know their condition and speed of reaching them from emergency health care providers, and some medical studies have shown that the use of medical bracelets provided some medical alerts to some patients such as diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, and reduced the chances of exposure to medical relapses .

The report, published via “facty”, confirmed that the first medical alert bracelets were invented by Dr. Marion Collins and his daughter Linda in 1953, as his daughter suffered a severe wound, and was taken to hospital, and medical staff were unaware of her sensitivity to anti-toxin, according to the hospital protocol The team did a skin test before injecting the dose, and this small amount of it caused an allergic reaction, and here Dr. Collins realized that there must be a way to inform health care personnel about the patient’s health status and what are their allergies, which is why a bracelet was designed in 1956 .

What is the role of medical alert bracelets?
What is the role of medical alert bracelets?

The report pointed out that the medical alert technology in the seventies included elderly people, especially those who live alone and could not seek help in the event of health problems, and so when wearing medical bracelets, they can press a button in the device they wear to alert the central monitoring system connected to their home phone and connect them to an operator they can During which to call an ambulance or a neighbor to help them.

What is the role of medical alert bracelets in saving patients
What is the role of medical alert bracelets in saving patients

The report indicated that patients who must use medical bracelets are those with epilepsy, bleeding, blood types, heart disease, dementia and kidney disease, and therefore they must wear these bracelets to join them when they have any health emergencies, and also these medical bracelets through which all the patient’s data and diseases are recorded Infected with it.

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