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Thursday August 6, 2020

Leaks: Google plans to launch a foldable pixel phone

Google is adding a foldable phone to the list of pixel phones.

It seems that foldable phones will become more and more usual next year. Yesterday, we saw the latest Samsung foldable phones, and today we have a report on leaked documents that reveal Google’s plans to enter this market next year.

According to the documents, Google plans to launch a foldable pixel phone in the fourth quarter of next year. The phone is codenamed Passport.

The company had confirmed last year at the developers conference about the development of the prototype of the technology of foldable phones, although at that time there was no clear trend from manufacturers of such devices.

The documents indicate that Google went ahead not only with the prototype stage, but would make a real phone directed to the public from a pixel and foldable series.

There is still at least a year and a half until we see the phone officially – if the company actually decides to manufacture it – and this is a long period that brings with it many changes in design and technical specifications.

Google has officially announced Android support for foldable phones since November 2018 when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold foldable phone.

On the other hand, the leaked documents reveal the company’s entire product line of pixel phones next year, as there is a Pixel 5a phone and two other phones in addition to the foldable phone.



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