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Sunday November 22, 2020

Leaks detailing the camera settings on the OnePlus 9 5G phone

The lights are heading to OnePlus in anticipation of the launch of the OnePlus 9 series at the event expected to be held in March of next year, and again the latest leaks review the details of the camera specifications in the OnePlus 9 5G phone.

91Mobiles has published new details about the camera settings in the OnePlus 9 5G phone, as it is expected, according to the leaks, that the camera settings do not include telephoto lenses in this version.

The leaks of the images had revealed the design of the OnePlus 9 recently, and again the phone appears in new leaks across 91Mobiles, where the leaks confirmed a new upgrade in the camera settings.

The leaked images confirm the camera settings on the green color provided to the phone, and the camera settings revealed a dual-mode LED flash, and the camera settings include three sensors with a metal ring surrounding the camera sensor.

The design of the camera in the OnePlus 9 phone mimics the design presented by LG in the Wing 5G phone, as well as the design of the camera in the iPhone 12 series.

The leaks also indicate that the main sensor in the OnePlus 9 5G camera comes with a 48-megapixel camera, but the improvements come in the sensor used, where the Sony IMX686 sensor is replaced by new improvements, with this sensor producing 12 mega-pixel images.

The second sensor also comes with 48 mega pixel camera with wide viewing angles, which is an upgrade from the 16 mega pixel sensor that was presented in the Plus phones so far.

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It is reported that the leaks did not provide more details about the OnePlus 9 camera, as the leaks did not clarify the specifications of the third sensor in the camera settings, and the leaks confirm that the third sensor will not include telephoto or periscope lenses.


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