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Monday January 13, 2020

Leaked images of the Galaxy S20 Plus reveal 4 cameras and a flat screen

As usual with Samsung phones, whenever we approach the date of the official disclosure of its latest devices, new leaked images have appeared to us confirming the specifications of the phone or at least its external design, and today we have a picture of the Galaxy S20 Plus fifth-generation version showing the presence of four cameras from the back and a fully flat screen from front.

It remains less than a month for the date of the disclosure of the Galaxy S20 Plus on February 11, and we note the front camera design as a hole in the screen, and four cameras from the back within a rectangular frame.

Unusually with curved screens, it seems that Samsung this time will use the full flat screen, and there is no dedicated button for the Bixby assistant, but it is striking that there is a microphone next to the rear cameras.

This version is not the highest specification of the Galaxy S20 phones that the company will reveal, but it is expected that there will be a copy with the specifications of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as well as special copies that support only the fourth generation, but this version supports the fifth generation as it appears from the startup screen .

We will provide you with all the official details and comprehensive coverage of the Samsung conference on February 11, which will unveil the Galaxy S20 and a new foldable phone.

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