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Wednesday November 25, 2020

Korean scientists create a smartphone charger that works meters away

Smartphones are preparing to enter a new phase of technological development, after scientists from South Korea announced access to a new technology that will constitute a new revolution in the world of shipping, which haunts a large number of smart phone users, especially those who use them for a professional purpose, or go in front of their small screens Hours long.

According to a report by the Mydrivers website, which specializes in modern technologies, these scientists who belong to a South Korean university have invented an infrared charger that will make these phones work for long hours.

The uniqueness of this new discovery, according to the site itself, is that it will enable the owners of phones to charge them even if they are far away from it by long distances, reaching many meters, which makes the loss of energy very unlikely.

After this discovery, many observers have questioned the extent of its effects on human health, due to infrared radiation, but the innovators stressed that it is very safe for human and animal health alike, and that it does not pose any threat to them.

The site itself says that charging technology with these rays is not new in the world of phones, but this technology is really unique and different from previous innovations, and it will be available to lovers of the latest mobile phone trends in the next few weeks.

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