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Friday March 27, 2020

Kiriri: Shalhoub is a true model of disciplined and dedicated player

Kiriri: Shalhoub is a true model of disciplined and dedicated player

The director of Al-Hilal football said that he begins by directing any instructions to the team members

Friday – 2 Sha’ban 1441 AH – 27 March 2020 AD No. number [

Saud Kariri (Middle East)

Riyadh: Mesfer Al-Husseini and Faris Al-Subaie

Saud Kariri, Director of Football at Al Hilal Club, praised the efforts made by the state and the concerned authorities to preserve the health of the Saudi citizen residing on the homeland.
We are under the care of the rulers, who give the human person everything, and take all precautions to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and everyone should implement the instructions, and we should all be responsible, and we must start our homes and implement the instructions of the Ministry of Health, ”said Kiriri.
Kiriri explained that what the players do in the period of suspending sports competitions is not completely sufficient to maintain their fitness rates as required, but it is to benefit as much as possible from maintaining the flexibility of the players and reaching physical and fitness strength to the highest level that can be reached with home exercises, but it will not be at a level Physical rates come from workouts on the field, even to gyms.
And Kiriri indicated that he has not received any new from the Saudi Football Association about the future of the league and other competitions since the complete suspension of sports competitions.
Kariri said that by virtue of his work as a football manager in the club, he is fully aware of and daily follow-up to the players, their programs and their training in their homes, through telephone contact or through social media.
He added: “All players and their sports programs have been photographed by the assistant coach, and we follow them, and we are keen to communicate with the players continuously, and we undertake training challenges, I ask them, and I start with them myself, in order to motivate everyone to continue training, and thank God we feel a great response from everyone And Muhammad Al-Shalhoub is considered a clear model by depicting some of the challenges he is taking, and many players share it.
While Kiriri revealed that all foreign players in the Hilal team live in one residential complex, in addition to the physical preparers of the team, who train with the fitness trainers in the complex, and this helps them a lot to maintain as much as possible on their fitness rates and follow their physical performance.
On the other hand, Turkish media reported that the French professional Gomez in the Hilal club is on his way to move to the Turkish Beşiktaş club in the «Summer Mercato», and indicated that there is a common desire between the player and Al Hilal club not to renew his current contract, which will expire after the end of the current season.
Gomez was brought to Al Hilal by the Turkish club Galatasaray, and became the top scorer for the team in the past two seasons, as he achieved the Asian Championship and participated in the Club World Cup.
On the other hand, social media circulated widely what was stated by Italian Matteo Spatafora, fitness coach of the first team in Al Hilal club, for the site «allasianfootball» and confirmed during the interview that Al Hilal stars can play 10 games every week, which was considered an exaggeration and a tribute to his work As a coach and an overrated marketing job as a fitness coach.
In a part of his dialogue with the site, the fitness coach of Al Hilal said: “Our team has a great diversity in physical abilities, and we have strong players who are able to play 10 games per week. These are the qualities that facilitate finding chemistry within the team, and Hilal is currently considered the most complete in a continent. As a whole Asia, this makes our work even more exciting. ”
It is noteworthy that Matteo Spatafora accompanied Roman Roman Rusvan Lucescu during his supervision as coach of the Greek club PAOK, between 2017 to 2019 before moving to work for Al Hilal Club early this season.


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