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Thursday January 16, 2020

Kelly Wrestler, interior decorator, designs

Today we will show you a very distinctive set of decorations designed by interior designer, Kelly Worstler, which is one of the most famous interior designers around the world, and what distinguishes the most important decorations and follows that they are always renewing their own shapes and colors, where Kelly stated before saying I never repeat any of my designs, and I always work to provide all that is new and distinctive and also I always care about distributing colors in an elegant and consistent way, and the main reason behind my renewed ideas is always traveling because I am a very loving person to travel where this is a source Always important in every new design, and always a B furniture design that combines luxury and elegance touch of modern decor, and we are today through this article will offer you a set of the most beautiful Kelly Wearstler designed.

Modern bedroom 15 the most beautiful designs by Kelly Wrestler

Modern bedroom

We mentioned before that Kelly likes to rely in the design on designs that combine luxury, modernity and sophisticated taste, and this is clearly evident, where we see here an elegant bed in black with a wall behind in gray in black, and we also see a very different floor in white patterned In black, Kelly is interested in placing two seats in pink in a modern modern style.

Kelly Wrestler, interior designer sofa

Golden sofa

Kelly is also always very interested in making new and different furniture. Here we see a small sofa that has a new look in golden color and also an elegant seat without a back in black with golden color.

Green Living Room 1, Kelly Wrestler, interior designer design

Green living room

We also clearly see Kelly’s remarkable ability to distribute and merge colors with new and different ideas, where we see a small living room consisting of a small sofa in green, and seats engraved in green and light blue, and a very modern table in glossy silver was also placed .

Great trip, Kelly Wrestler, interior designer

Great trip

If you are a fan of classic luxury colors, it is sure that the best and most appropriate classic luxury colors are white and black, as we see here clearly the splendor of merging between the classic quiet colors, where a large size dining table containing six seats was placed in white with two seats in size The large white color is carved in black and also an elegant black table, and here the wall paint is used in light gray where we finally have consistent colors.

1 Bedroom Kelly Wrestler Interior Design


Wood has become one of the things that give to the decor a wonderful beauty touch that preserves the past and the present and combines nature and modern taste, and here we see a wonderful bedroom in brown with walls and wood floor and attention was paid to several things, including white with brown color and harmony It is clear between them, and there was also attention to placing two very impressive seats in white, as well as a small fur carpet in white, also a wonderful piece of decor was placed on the wall above the bed very consistent with the furniture.

The seat of the most beautiful interior designer Kelly Wrestler


The seat here has a new design and is different in red with a white color and an elegant piece of brown décor in the shape of a pyramid has been placed next to it to complete the design elements.


Girls bedroom

Girls’ bedrooms should have a special decor that suits them, and we see here that Kelly has taken a great interest in it, we see a wonderful girls bedroom with white dotted walls in black with an elegant bed surrounded by columns of reflective mirrors, and we also see wonderful seats in color Pink, as this design is bold and modern at the same time.

Small 1 bedroom Kelly Wrestler interior designer

Small bedroom

Kelly Wrestler interior design room

living room

A small living room 3 the most beautiful designs by Kelly Wrestler

Small living room

Living room 5 Kelly Wrestler

Living room

Small trip beautiful Kelly Wrestler interior designer

Small trip

Corner seating beautiful designs by interior designer Kelly Wrestler

Seating corner

An outside seating corner, Kelly Wrestler

Seating corner outside

Décor 1, the most beautiful designs by Kelly Wrestler.


The most beautiful trip by interior designer Kelly Wrestler.

Having guided these designs, is Kelly Worstler your favorite interior designer?

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