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Wednesday October 28, 2020

Kadyrov: Stop, Macron, before it’s too late, or else ..

The world – Europe

In an official statement published on his Telegram channel, Kadyrov considered that “the French authorities support the publication of the cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” and that the French President stated that.

Kadyrov added, “He (Macron) described these offensive measures against about two billion Muslims in the world as (freedom of expression). Moreover, Macron decided that he would change their religion and create (enlightened Islam) in France.”

Kadriov said, “I do not know what condition Macron was in when he made this statement, but the consequences of such a (statement) provoke reactions that could be very tragic. The French president himself has now become like a terrorist and in support of provocations, secretly calling Muslims to commit crimes.” “.

Kadyrov stressed that the French president should know that “the insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are viewed with great pain by Muslims. By his actions, he, contrary to his expectations, lights the fire instead of extinguishing it, as he should have done as a commander.”

Kadyrov considered that the French president “is hiding behind restoring order,” and is developing new laws and talking about “the need to control mosques and religious organizations, but in reality the problem lies in himself.”

Kadyrov noted that the leaders of European countries should “respect concepts such as religion, culture, morals,” and that otherwise “there will be no worthy future or order in their countries,” noting that “mockery of religion considers it a respect for freedom of expression, but they are at the same time.” Infringe on the values ​​of others. “

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Addressing the French President, Kadyrov said: “Macron, stop, before it is too late, to stop provocations and attacks on Islam, otherwise you will enter history as a president who has made decisions that have a high price. Your position on publishing the offensive cartoons is not condemned today only by Muslims around the world. , But also by any representatives of other beliefs. “

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