Youssef bin Nasser bin Mahfoud Al Thawadi is a YouTuber and creator of YouTube content from (12 December 2018)[عدل]

his personal life[عدل]

Youssef Al-Thawadi, or as he is known as Joseph, was born Youssef (December 21, 2000) in Bizerte, Tunisia. Youssef grew up in a middle-class Arab Muslim family, with a Tunisian father (Nasser Al-Thawadi) and a Tunisian mother (Noura Al-Thawadi). Youssef’s family consists of two male sisters (Yassin Elias). Youssef studied in a boarding school and used to see his family except on holidays[عدل]
Youssef Al-Thawadi started on YouTube in 2018, but his channel did not succeed at that time due to the lack of sufficient experience in YouTube, but in 2019 Yusef B’s channel began recording very high viewing numbers on YouTube[عدل]
Youssef Al Thawadi
personal information
Full name Youssef Al Thawadi
Birth December 21, 2000
Nationality Tunisian
hair colour black
Length 1,71
the weight 60
the father Nasser Al Thawadi
Pain Nora Al Thawadi
practical life
Occupation accountant and youtuber
Mother tongue Arabia
Languages Arabic English
active years December 12, 2018 until now
The reason for fame Youtube platform


Youssef Al-Thawadi comes from a Tunisian family of origin in the city of Bizerte. Youssef was born in Bizerte, and he was very superior in his studies and completed his studies until he reached his bachelor’s degree.


Youssef speaks two languages ​​in me, and here is English, and he was fluent in me and Arabic, and he used to speak some French in me.

Professional Experience[عدل]

Youssef had a bachelor’s degree and was a financial accountant, but with the advancement of technology in the world, Youssef chose to be his livelihood from the Internet, and Youssef left accounting


Youssef had many hobbies, including programming, cooking, reading, swimming, and a lot

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