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Saturday July 4, 2020

Jordan announces the date for opening the airports in 3 stages

The World – Jordan

Saif said in press statements: “I have a feeling that the return of the airports to work will be at the end of the month,” noting that “the opening of the airports will be in 3 stages, as the countries from which travelers will be allowed to be divided into 3 categories, which are A, B and C.”

He added: “For the first stage (a), the arrivals are placed in stone, with a one-time laboratory examination.”

He continued: “The second stage (B) begins, after about 10 days to two weeks, after assessing the situation, where a laboratory examination will be requested from the country from which it is coming, in addition to conducting an examination in Jordan, and it will be quarantined for 48 hours.”

He pointed out that “the implementation of stage (c), in which the arrivals from these countries will be quarantined for a period of 8 days.”

He added that “there are only 12 countries that will allow their citizens to be received, including European countries.”

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