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Thursday January 14, 2021

Johnson defends his relationship with Donald Trump

The world – Europe

During a communications committee session, Catherine McConnell, Chair of the Labor Petitions Committee, asked Johnson: “Given recent events in the United States, do you regret saying in 2018 that Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?”

Johnson replied that he “supports the prime minister of the United Kingdom to have the best possible relationship with the president of the United States,” noting that “he had recently had an excellent conversation with the US president-elect, Joe Biden.”

McConnell was referring to Johnson’s statements, in which he said in May 2018 that “if Trump is able to reform North Korea and the Iranian nuclear deal, I do not understand why he is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize less than Barack Obama.”

Johnson’s clash with the Communications Committee in the British Parliament came after YouTube announced the suspension of Trump’s account for at least 7 days, due to concerns about the possibility of continuing violence, after other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook took the same step. .

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