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Saturday May 23, 2020

Joe Biden apologizes to people with dark skin

The World – The Americas

And the 77-year-old former US vice president said, “I shouldn’t have been so shy,” retreating from these unfortunate statements.“.

And he stressed that “no one should vote for a party based on his race, religion, or origins,” in contact with African businessmen.

The issue arose during Biden’s interview with Charlemagne The Good, who is co-sponsoring a popular radio show on the radio “The Breakfast Club” in New York and aired on Friday..

When Biden said he had to finish the interview, after about 17 minutes had passed, his interlocutor replied: “Listen to me, you have to come and visit us when you come to New York (…) We have more questions” to ask you before the November 3 elections..

Joe Biden said to the dark-skinned anchor: “Do you have more questions? I’ll tell you something, if you have a problem determining your choice between me and Trump, then you are not dark-skinned.”“.

The Trump election team considered on Twitter that this conversation was “disgusting,” while the son of Republican billionaire Donald Trump Jr. said Biden had a “racist, disgusting and degrading mentality (of values) humanity”“.

Tim Scott, the only Republican Senator of African descent, commented that “1.3 million African Americans had voted for Trump in 2016. And this morning, Joe Biden said we are not black.”“.

He continued: “It can be said that I was surprised, but unfortunately what was said coincides with the Democrats tendency to believe that black votes are guaranteed“.

Biden said in the context of his apology: “I have never considered that African-American (votes) are already acquired.”“.

He stressed that he was ready at any time to compare his record in this regard with the record of Donald Trump, and he recalled scandalous statements of the latter along the lines of his classification of African countries as “dirty countries” and accused Trump of implementing abusive racist policies.

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