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Monday September 7, 2020

Jeep Grand Wagoner Concept revealed

Jeep has finally revealed its most notable longdiscontinued vehicle, the Grand Wagoner.

Although the Jeep Grand Wagoner revealed by the company is only a test car, it is very close to the final shape of the production car Walt the company plans to put on the market in 2022.

The Grand Wagoner carries a sleek and luxurious sporty front that would have been more solid to express more clearly on the Jeep. In contrast, the rear end bears a solid design that suggests the power of the car. The car bears a distinct identity with night lighting and connected lights in the front and back. Outside appearances, a luxury technology experience awaits inside.

In a way, Jeep has put 7 screens inside the car, and has integrated the classic controls of buttons and rotating discs with modern means of screens and touch buttons as we see them on the side of the doors.

The main middle screen comes with a size of 12.1 inches to control the entertainment system and the bottom screen comes with a size of 10.3 inches and specializes in controlling the comfort of the car. Among the second row passengers.

In the future, many powerful engines will be available for the Grand Wagoner, but the test car got hybrid engines, the company did not disclose their details, and it is expected that it will carry a V8 engine with an electric motor.

When the Jeep Wagoner and its sister Grand Wagoner arrive on the market, they will compete with the Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Ford Expedition, and Jeep wants to produce an ultraluxury class to compete with the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator, and the starting price of the car is expected to be $ 45,000 for the standard short wheelbase Wagoner And from $ 60,000 for the longwheelbase Grand Wagoner.

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