Belgium is known for its economic and tourism strength. Learn about the salary of a cleaner in Belgium, as it varies according to the city, the worker’s specialization and gender, in addition to the annual salary increase and job opportunities offered by Belgian cleaning companies.

Belgium is also known as “the heart of Europe and the capital of the world.” This designation may appear to some that it is a large country in terms of area and population, but quite the opposite, as it is considered one of the smallest countries in the European continent by area, and the least in terms of population, which reached more than 11 million (including 220 thousand expatriates) in the statistics of the current year 2022.

On the other hand, it is one of the most attractive countries in Europe and the world in tourism, and it occupies a distinguished position economically, commercially and politically, and it hosts most of the headquarters and institutions of the European Union.

Its most important city is the capital Brussels, and it is necessary to mention the port of Antwerp, which is considered one of the most important ports in the world and the most active and commercially active.

Belgium offers annually a large number of employment opportunities that attract graduates and skilled people from around the world, and includes a very large number of cleaning companies that often provide a suitable job for the person who is thinking of traveling and working in them.

cleaner salary in belgium

cleaner salary in belgium

Janitors or people working in the field of cleaning and housekeeping in Belgium earn an average of 2,510 euros per month (equivalent to 2,846 US dollars). The salary range is between 1,930 euros at the minimum, and 3,590 euros at the highest.

This value includes housing and transportation costs and a number of other benefits. Salaries also vary greatly between different cleaning and housekeeping jobs, according to the specialty, city, and company he works for, and also with the change of experience and gender.

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Salary percentages for cleaners in Belgium

Salaries as mentioned vary depending on a number of factors, and in general, 25% of cleaners earn less than €1,950 per month while 75% of them earn more than €1,950 per month.

Also, 75% of cleaning workers earn less than 2,880 euros per month while 25% earn more than 2,880 euros.

Cleaner salary annual increases in Belgium, and how often employees get paid

Cleaners in Belgium often benefit from a salary increase of approximately 6% every 19 months. The average annual increase for Belgian nationals for all professions is 8% given to employees every 17 months.

Janitor Salary Comparison in Belgium by City

The wages paid for most professions in Belgium vary according to the city, and this is normal, the nature of work and living in the capital or major cities is different from urban areas as follows:
Antwerp: 2,910 euros per month.
Bruges: 2,520 euros per month.
Brussels: 2,600 euros per month.
Charleroi: 2,760 euros per month.
Ghent (Ghent): 2850 euros per month.
Leuven: 2,390 euros per month.
The city of Liege: 2,710 euros per month.
Namur: 2,480 euros per month.

The salary of a cleaner in Belgium by specialty

The wages paid to construction workers in Belgium change according to the profession or specialty, and we will mention the salaries corresponding to some of the most important cleaning sector jobs per month:
Housekeeping assistant: €2,960 per month (US$3,116).
Main worker in cleaning and housekeeping: €3,780 per month (US$3,980).
Housekeeper: €2,170 per month (US$2184).
Laundry worker: 2,010 euros per month (2,100 dollars).
Sanitation worker: 2,090 euros per month (2,200 US dollars).

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Cleaning Salary Comparison in Belgium by Gender

cleaner salary in belgium

Male cleaners in Belgium earn 6% more than their female counterparts on a monthly average.
This is because of the males’ high physical ability, and they can bear some hard work that is difficult for females, such as cleaning towers or tall buildings from the outside.

Language requirements for a cleaner in Belgium

Language is one of the most important qualifications required for cleaners in Belgium. It is necessary to master the official language in the workplace to facilitate communication with others, and to understand the required duties. Even at the beginning of employment, the importance lies in explaining the qualifications and finding the appropriate opportunity.

Belgium consists of three federal regions: the Flemish (in the north), the Brussels-Capital Region, and the Walloon (in the south).

The country is considered multilingual and its citizens use three official languages. Dutch is spoken in the Flemish community and in the capital, Brussels, while French is spoken in the Walloon region. German is also spoken by a small number of residents.

The English language is also widely understood. But there will be a need to learn the language of the society to which you will be moving in order to avoid difficulties.

How to get a job in the field of hygiene in Belgium

The process of applying for a job in Belgium is similar to that in most countries. After submitting the company’s CV template in the correct Dutch, French or German language, and sometimes English (depending on the place of residence and work), a job interview will follow.

It is usually advised to apply for jobs from the home country, especially if the person is from outside the European Union. However, if he is currently living in Belgium and looking for work. He can register with recruitment agencies such as Adecco, Randstad and Michael Page, and there are also recruitment agencies specialized in the cleaning sector.

The following are a number of the most important cleaning companies in Belgium:

Company: SERVITEX was established in 1994, and it works in the field of cleaning services in general. It also works in the side of industrial laundries for institutions, and provides laundry services for the textile industry, and the necessary laundry for the catering and warehouse industries. Its headquarters is located in Bates.


It works in the field of cleaning services. Its business includes cleaning buildings, and industrial sites. It is headquartered in Bourjloun.

CARE Company:
It is a company that provides distinctive cleaning services. It includes cleaning buildings and homes and many other specialties. It is headquartered in Durn.

It works in the field of hygiene and has large crews. It also works in office cleaning services, cleaning major work sites and washing windows. Its headquarters is located in Charleroi.


One of the oldest cleaning companies in Belgium, founded in 1982, and provides various services in the field of cleaning. It is concerned with cleaning floors, sterilizing buildings, removing dust for the iron and steel industries, and maintenance industries. Its headquarters is located in Bors.


It is also a leading company in cleaning services, established in 1989. In addition to the field of hygiene, it works in the field of transporting goods. Its headquarters is located in Olin.

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