Hassan Youssef about kissing scenes: They are not forbidden, and we used to rinse our mouths after the sceneHassan Youssef is considered one of the oldest actors and directors in the Egyptian art world, as he presented dozens of series and movies.

Hassan Youssef about kissing scenes: They are not forbidden, and we used to rinse our mouths after the scene

The Egyptian artist, Hassan Youssef, stated that kisses are not forbidden in the old “black and white” films, due to the actors washing the mouth and throat after each kiss. .

Because of his recent statements to Cairo 24, in which he admitted that kisses in films in the past were not forbidden in Sharia, Hassan Youssef also said in his statements that his artistic career is pure as snow, because he was an actor in films of the great time, pointing out that kisses were devoid of feelings. and feelings.

Hassan Youssef added in his statements: “My career is pure like a white page, and the artistic roles that contain kisses, were devoid of feelings and feelings and just acting, and we used to rinse my mouth afterwards, so it is not considered forbidden, as is rumored by the majority of people.”

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Hassan Youssef confirms the audience’s attachment to black and white films

Hassan Youssef confirms the audience's attachment to old films
Hassan Youssef confirms the audience’s attachment to old films

Hassan Youssef said that the Arab audience is still attached to black and white films and loves to watch them, despite the passage of many years since their presentation and despite the presentation of more new films, and Hassan Youssef continued that he has a friend who lives in a European country.

He is so attached to watching old movies that he does not sleep every night before watching a black and white movie, and the Egyptian artist explained that every act is subject to deprivation or analysis, according to what the owner does, such as the glass cup with which coffee is served to become halal or alcohol is served in it. to become forbidden.

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Hassan Youssef wishes to join the national business

Hassan Youssef, in his statements, hopes to participate in the national works that raise awareness among the Egyptian and Arab public to present a purposeful message through it. Youssef added that he wishes to participate in a series such as The Choice series in particular.

Because it contributes to raising national awareness and awareness, as he wishes to say the word of truth and goodness through it. Hassan Youssef confirmed that he is not being offered any new works to participate in at the present time, indicating that if he had the choice, he would ask to participate in a national work in particular.

Hassan Yusuf spends his time in worship and entertainment

The artist Hassan Youssef indicated that he spends most of his time, between the worship that he is keen on in terms of reading the Qur’an, glorification and the rest of the other acts of worship.

Pointing out that he spends his other time in entertainment, Hassan Yousef added that he plays sports and goes to the club, and he also practices yoga and watches TV in his spare time, and spends his time with family and friends.

Criticisms of Hassan Youssef for talking about kisses

The statements of the artist Hassan Youssef about the lack of prohibition of kisses in old films drew strong criticism on social networking sites, as many re-shared these statements and commented on them with great irony from the artist.

Some said that this fatwa is dangerous and analyzes the forbidden and permits kisses and touching of men with women, even if within the framework of acting, which is not permitted by the Islamic religion, stressing that Hassan Yusuf alone bears the burden of this fatwa, which they described as absurd and mocked.

Some also criticized Hassan Youssef’s return to these statements, which some described as empty, after his embodiment of the role of Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy in a series that dealt with his biography after his departure, noting that he lost great popularity from his audience with these bold statements.

On the other hand, some stressed that the artist Hassan Youssef had a long artistic career and films in the golden age of Egyptian cinema, and he should not be attacked in this way for his statements and forgetting his great artistic career.

Information about Hassan Youssef

Hassan Youssef is an Egyptian actor and director, born on December 10, 1934 AD, at the age of 87, married to actress Lebla and Shams al-Baroudi, and he has two children, Nariman, Mahmoud, Omar and Abdullah.

He became famous in the sixties for the roles of “The Naughty Boy”, and in the seventies he turned to directing, where he directed several films, in some of which he starred, most of which were co-starring with his wife, Shams Al-Baroudi. Among those films, the censorship of artistic works objected, such as the movie The Coward and the Love.

He also presented several television and theatrical works, the most famous of which is his role in the series “Layali Al Helmiya” and his role in the series “Imam Preachers” about the life story of Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy.

At the end of this article, you will have known news Hassan Youssef about kissing scenes: They are not forbidden, and we used to rinse our mouths after the sceneHassan Youssef was also introduced, and he mentioned his most important personal information, and talked about his professional career.