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Friday January 22, 2021

Israeli Poll: Netanyahu’s chances of forming a government are weak

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According to an opinion poll in which 522 settlers participated, published by the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv”, the odds that the right-wing Likud party led by Netanyahu would not exceed 31 seats in the Knesset (Parliament) out of 120.

To gain the Knesset’s confidence in forming the government, Netanyahu needs to form a coalition of at least 61 members out of the total number of members (50 + 1).

But the poll showed that the chances of Netanyahu’s traditional allies (the Shas and Torah Judaism parties) obtaining Knesset seats do not exceed 16, which hinders Netanyahu from reaching the threshold of votes needed to form a government.

Therefore, Netanyahu must win over an additional number of right-wing parties, most notably the “New Hope” led by Gideon Sa’ar, the “Right” coalition led by former War Minister Naftali Bennett, and “Yisrael Beitein” led by former War Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

However, Sa’ar said in advance that he was ready to participate in a coalition with the “Likud” provided that Netanyahu is not facing corruption charges, while Bennett announced his efforts to head the next government.

Lieberman also refused to join Netanyahu, in his efforts to form the next government.

The poll indicated the possibility of forming the next government from a coalition of several parties, namely “New Hope”, “Yameena”, “Israel Our Home”, “There is a future”, “Meretz”, “Israelis”, and “Blue and White” Led by Secretary of War Benny Gantz.

The poll suggested that this coalition would get 63 Knesset seats, but it did not indicate how the coalition was formed in light of the conflicting and conflicting positions of these parties on various political, social and religious issues.

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The upcoming Israeli elections are the fourth in two years after the elections in April 2019, September of the same year, and March 2020.

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