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Thursday October 1, 2020

Israeli experts: Netanyahu’s corruption exposes Israel to danger and failure


Ron Ben Yishai added in his article on the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, translated by “Arabi 21”, that “the continued failure of the political leadership to stop the current wave of the spread of the Corona epidemic forces the Israelis to assume responsibility, and to work independently to settle the difficult curve of the disease, and reduce the number of injured,” This is not a suggestion to rebel or act in contravention of government decisions and state laws. “

He pointed out that “if we do so, we will soon become a failed government in the Middle East, which is a difficult situation to recover from, and may endanger the existence of Israel. Therefore, the government and politicians will be held accountable in the ballot boxes, after finding an effective vaccine that eliminates the epidemic, instead of igniting partisan disputes.” Let the populists and quacks drain us internally. “

“In order for the Israelis to be successful in this, they need to be free from excessive dependence on government decisions, and its passive ministers, who have no experience in managing and making decisions, and their eyes are only on their seats, so there is no choice but to accept the differences and the negative phenomena that we frequently experience,” he stressed. As a fait accompli, in order to overcome the danger to life and the economic blow. “

He added, “The main task of the army, the defense establishment, and the intelligence community, even at this time, is to provide physical security and create deterrence. It is impossible to rule out the possibility that the enemies will try to attack us suddenly, in the foreseeable future between an all-out war and a combat wave of armed attacks, so the army must conduct A delicate division of resources between maintaining deterrence, competence, preparing for war, building strength, and assisting the civilian system in dealing with the pandemic.

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He explained, “In order for the Israeli institutions to function properly, their media outlets must pressure the government to establish a serious information system that serves the Israelis, and provides it with reliable and useful information, because the government’s vulgar Likud team and its weak partner from the Blue and White party do not provide the necessary goods,” The institutional media must stop the incitement that spreads on social media, and not try to compete with it. “

Professor Yoram Yuval suggested to “the protest organizations to state that in the event that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigns and apologizes for his mistakes, we will allow him to leave with dignity and without punishment, because when Netanyahu fights for his political life, trying to silence the escalating protest against him by all means, there is no point in contacting And to ask him to stop the division, it is useless to expect him to stop the campaign of hate against the half of the Israelis who are fed up with him. “

In his article in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, he added, “Netanyahu is unable to stop his incitement. This is why I address millions of Israelis who are fed up with him and his judgment, saying that Netanyahu is very clever but the power is corrupted, until he gradually became a distraction, a coward, a liar, and a charlatan. The end of his political path, and he became a millstone not only around the neck of Israel, but around the neck of the Likud party. “

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He pointed out that “Netanyahu is not fighting today for his rule, but for his freedom and his life literally, and therefore he will never surrender. He has no other choice. The cumulative punishment for the crimes attributed to him is 19 years, and this is just the beginning of the story, and he realizes that the day he stops On the premiership, many silent people will open their mouths, and that will be the end of it. “

He revealed that “everyone who has ever worked with Netanyahu, the aides, advisors, ministers, and professors of flattery surrounding him, and accomplices in crimes and conspiracies, will all become state witnesses, and Netanyahu, who is 71 years old today, can spend the rest of his life in court and imprisonment. Painful and humiliating, in prison there is no champagne, and no scented sink, and for this reason, he may resort to any inappropriate means in his efforts to prevent this. “

He concluded by saying, “Netanyahu is on his way to collapse, so let’s continue to protest against him, and fight with all our might, everywhere, and by every means. Let’s continue until Netanyahu collapses, and after that he can go.”

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