Is Sherine Abu Aqleh married and who is her husband? This question and many other questions that revolve around the social situation of the Palestinian journalist who was recently martyred, after announcing the news of her martyrdom, a news that preoccupied many in the Arab and Western world, as she is one of the important personalities, through a useful website, we will learn today who is Shirin’s husband Abu sane? Is she already married?

Who is Sherine Abu Akleh?

  • Full name Shireen Anton Abu Aqleh, is a Palestinian journalist with more than one nationality. She has a Palestinian passport and American citizenship. Shireen was born in Jerusalem, and her origins go back to the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank.
  • The journalist was born in 1971 and died at the age of 51, after she was shot directly in the head while covering the events in the city of Jenin, where the Israeli occupation made incursions into the camp. She obtained a degree in journalism from Yarmouk University in Jordan, and she also holds a certificate in architecture.
  • She joined Al-Jazeera in 1997, after traveling in many international institutions, including UNRWA, which is affiliated with the Palestinian Relief Agency, and other international and local institutions.
  • Sherine Toft, who is an Orthodox Christian, is fluent in many languages, including English and Syriac, in addition to the mother tongue Arabic. She received her education at the beginning of her life at the Rosary Sisters School, which is one of the Christian schools spread in many countries, including: Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria.

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Is Sherine Abu Aqleh married and who is her husband – Sherine Abu Aqleh’s children

  • The question that preoccupied a lot of people is Is Sherine and who is Sherine Abu Akleh’s husband? The late Palestinian journalist responded to this question in many interviews, and her response was (Why should I get married, what is my share).
  • Sherine passed away, single, unmarried, and this was noticed by many interested in her, as she had no children. Only one brother appeared in the media.
  • The journalist expressed in more than one interview that her work was not the obstacle because she had not been married until this age, as she passed away at the age of 51.
  • She was satisfied with the expression that division and share prevented her from getting married, as she is not against marriage, but she did not find the right person to marry him.
  • Sherine Abu Aqila has no children, as she was available without getting married.

Who is Sherine Abu Aqleh’s husband? – Sherine Abu Aqleh’s family

There is no husband for the martyr Shireen Abu Aqila, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, she lived and died while she was single. She did not marry at all, but expressed that she was not against marriage, but it did not happen that she got married, it seems that she did not find the right person for her throughout this period of time. At the time, there is no family for Sherine Abu Akleh but a brother who lives in the city of Jerusalem, and as for the mother and father, they both died earlier.

Is Sherine Abu Aqleh married and who is her husband?

The death of Sherine Abu Akleh

  • Another question that revolved around the life of this Palestinian figure. Many were concerned about her death. The journalist was martyred on May 11, 2022, at the age of 51. She was killed by the Israeli occupation in Jenin camp, after a bullet was fired that hit her head, She died instantly.
  • She was born in Jerusalem, and was born in 1971, and fate decided that her last days would be while she was covering the events of the Jenin refugee camp, where she was killed by a bullet to the head. She was immediately transferred to Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin, and then the news of her death was immediately announced. .
  • The funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh began to be buried in her hometown, the city of Jerusalem.

Is Sherine Abu Aqleh a Muslim?

  • Sherine Abu Aqleh Muslim or Christian? What is the religion of Sherine Abu Aqleh and her husband? Many people have questioned the religion of journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, and we can say that Sherine Abu Aqleh is a Christian, as she passed away from the Christian faith.
  • She adheres to the Christian religion within the orthodox sect, and has been prayed upon based on Christian prayers, as it appeared in the media.
  • Sherine’s mother is Christian, but there is news that her father was a Muslim.

Sherine Abu Aqleh in the hijab

Among the many questions that swirled in the minds of many people, is whether there are pictures of Sherine wearing the hijab, thinking that she was religious in Islam, but in fact there are no pictures of her wearing the hijab or the niqab, as she died a Christian who believed in the Christian religion.

She received her education at the Rosary Sisters School, in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, and it is one of the schools that teaches students the Bible book for monks and Christians. It is worth mentioning that the journalist was active on social media platforms and networks, especially on Twitter, and you can visit the link of Sherine Abu Akleh Twitter.

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In conclusion, in today’s article, we got to know one of the important personalities in the Arab world, Sherine Abu Akleh. We talked about Is Sherine Abu Aqleh married and who is her husband?? In fact, the Palestinian journalist did not marry and died unmarried, as we previously talked about, and we have touched upon many matters related to her personal life.