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Saturday May 23, 2020

Is Eid rituals held in Gaza mosques and squares?

The World – Occupied Palestine

The Awqaf said in a statement issued today: “We conducted a comprehensive evaluation after the completion of the Friday prayer, and we re-examined the appropriate extent of continuing the decision to perform the Eid prayer, especially after increasing health risks and discovering new numbers of injured people in stone, and in front of the positive results of the evaluation, and the high discipline he presented The worshipers had this decision“.

She added: “The Eid prayer is an important ritual that is not repeated in the year except twice, and the least said in its ruling is that it is Sunnah, and some jurists have mandated it, and others have said that it is sufficient.“.

She asked healthy men who will witness the Eid prayer, the necessity of adhering to the precautionary measures, bringing the prayer rug, committing to spacing, being satisfied with the verbal greeting, and accompanying the special mask that was received during the Friday prayer, it is made of fabric and is suitable for use multiple times after washing it.

And she continued: “We call upon our people to perform the Eid prayer in congregation in the homes, especially the elderly, the sick, the women and the children. A certain number of Eid prayers is not required for the validity of the Eid prayer.“.

The Ministry noted that it will publish the proposed model sermon through its website and social platforms; For the benefit of those who will pray Eid at home.

The mosque committees supervising the organization of prayer in the mosques called for the completion of the requirements necessary to perform the Eid prayer in accordance with safe health procedures.

The Ministry of Awqaf indicated that the sermon of the Eid sermon does not exceed ten minutes, asking the preachers to abide by that, and investing the sermon in strengthening preventive measures during the days of Eid.

It called on citizens to practice safe greeting, by merely giving greeting through the means of communication, and whoever wants direct contact will be obligated to wear masks, spacing, and greeting without hugging or shaking hands..

The Endowments confirmed that the situation regarding Friday and Friday prayers is still in continuous evaluation, and that the commitment to preventive measures calls us to take positive, advanced decisions in the future.

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