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Saturday August 1, 2020

Iraqis decide their position on the early elections

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Al-Kazemi pledged the success of the elections and asked the Iraqi parliament to expedite sending the election law to the President of the Republic for approval, stressing the independence of the Electoral Commission.

For his part, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi called for elections earlier than the date set by the Prime Minister, and Al-Halbousi said in a tweet on Twitter, that successive governments did not implement their program, which caused the deteriorating service conditions in the country.

Al-Halbousi called for an “emergency” and public parliamentary session, in the presence of the three presidencies and political forces, to advance constitutional procedures.

Nizar Al-Mousawi said in a tweet to him, “O intellectual elites and national talents who want political action, your role now is # early_ elections.”

While “karrar Alsalem” saw in his tweet, “What is the benefit of early elections in light of the presence of the same parties only will work to change the names of their lists and change the faces! Neither hey or hello # Early elections .. is not a solution.”

“Safaa Alsrai” commented on the tweet of the Iraqi parliament speaker, saying, “Calling Halbousi to hold an emergency session to dissolve the parliament and hold elections earlier than he said … It is a call to save the corrupt parties. The early elections now are not in the interest of the protesters and the people because until now, the fair elections law has not been approved.” Now the protesters have not arranged their ranks for the elections, so it is better for the sixth month. “

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The deputy of the Iraqi Sadiqoun parliamentary bloc, Naim Al-Aboudi, praised determining the holding of the early parliamentary elections, indicating that the elections will show the true weight of the parties and will dispel the illusion of social media.

Al-Aboudi said in a tweet on “Tottier” that “early elections will be a good and effective step, because it will determine the real weight of each of the parties and blocs, and dissipate the illusion of social networking sites.” He added, “We call for the active participation of everyone who wants reform and change for the better. He resolved the issue of the largest bloc before the elections, to avoid repeating the same problems. ”

Jaafar Al-Tamimi indicated in his tweet that the elections are an opportunity to avenge the blood of the martyrs who sacrificed for the soil of Iraq, human dignity and the preservation of religion. “

The Iraqi Al-Fateh Alliance announced, on Saturday, that it will work to complete the election law in preparation for holding it at the scheduled date, as the head of the Al-Fateh bloc in Parliament, MP Mohammed Al-Ghabban, told the official news agency that “Al-Fateh joined forces with early elections, which had already been determined and at the request of The political blocs, foremost of which are the Al-Fateh Alliance, provided that they are among the priorities of the government program for the current government.

Al-Ghabban pointed out that “his alliance will work with the rest of the political blocs to complete the legislation of the election law and the Federal Court, in preparation for the early elections to take place on the scheduled date,” adding that “the conquest always calls for early elections and setting a date for them,” noting that “his alliance proposed a date in a month Next April, the weather will be better and before Ramadan. “

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“Wolves of the crowd said in a tweet that it will give its voice to those who defend and protect the holy crowd.” Only who represents and defends the crowd, I give my voice. /// Fitter is untried. The important thing is to give my voice to me, who will defend me with politics because Mako’s trust …. and all events that have become its first goal The early crowd # elections.

The United Nations Mission in Iraq welcomed Al-Kazemi’s announcement, saying that early elections constitute a response to a “major popular demand”. The mission expressed its readiness to “provide all advice and technical support” to “conduct free, fair and credible elections in an enabling environment that places the interests of the country above all other considerations.”

mushtaq says in his tweet, “I do not care if the word # early elections already exists in the constitution or not because we are used to violating the constitution many times! .. What concerns me is electoral awareness and who will be elected by the citizen to represent him in Parliament..for popular anger must be invested in producing a list Patriotism that meets the aspirations of the people and ensures the return of their stolen rights. “

And she sees “Kahila Salaf (the collapsed Al-Saadi)” in her tweet on the hashtag # Early _ elections # elections_ Early in any elections if held in the presence of a new electoral law will be the first step to weaken the parties of the power imposed pressure directed towards the approval of an electoral law does not remain the above

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“Amir – Ameer” said, “The dissolution of the parliament is to keep the situation as it is. The public opinion must demand the convening of sessions and the speedy completion of a fair election law and an end to the file of the displaced until it is not exploited politically. As for the strict application of the parties law and the biometrics and international supervision,” Priorities # Early elections # Early elections.

The popular protests that took place between October and the beginning of this year condemned the rampant corruption and the sharing of positions to serve the interests of the parties that have established their positions in power and demanded fair elections and changes to the voting process in the country and the Electoral Commission after widespread accusations of fraud in the last legislative elections that took place At the country level in the year two thousand and eighteen.

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