Welcome to Iraq 24 HD TV[عدل]

A unique TV in the sectors of “economics and business” that focuses its attention on DATA numbers and statistics, with unique content that carries a truly high-quality identity and specifications, opens the door for investors or their companies to invest in the media and content industry, express their views and empower their commercial, legal, media representatives or product makers The ideas and actions in their institutions prevent them from obtaining the necessary timing or interaction required to control the markets, and even impose their economic and legal volumes in the media.

“Iraq 24HD” TV has not been preceded by any economic experience at the Iraqi level. The Iraqi market is the largest consumer market in the region, among the 10 largest in the economies of countries that suffer from the imbalance between the high gross national product and the weakness of the private sector. It is a market that needs flags to market products to it. On the one hand, and other content that highlights possible business sectors as well.

The first Iraqi economic channel[عدل]

  • 24 continuous broadcasts around the clock
  • 24 continuous online broadcasts on the Internet
  • 2M a month growth by 2 million on our accounts.
  • 2K daily growth of 2000 fans on Facebook.
  • 1-20 (1-20) live transmission camera from markets and cities
  • The first Iraqi commercial channel specialized in the stock and stock markets.
  • 16 hours of live broadcasts every day, 24/7.
  • 150 million, coverage of more than 150 million users over Nilesat.
  • 580% growth in views for the first month of establishment.
  • 1 500 employees and workers in the first stage of broadcasting.
  • Data The first center and source for economic and digital information on the economy and trade in Iraq.

Our vision, Iraq HD TV 24[عدل]

As a result of the desire to conclude with the content with a direct proportion to the economic conditions in Iraq and the price of oil and the presence of 200 thousand Iraqi graduates annually with the closure of the horizon of government appointment and the obligation to go to the private business sector or investment.

The deterioration of the government employment market and the decline in the capabilities of the public sector in securing salaries, retirement and wages for nationals also gives us the common power in promoting business and competitiveness and gives us a terrible impetus in designing a television product.

Attracting these individuals and companies, as well as the public sector’s encouragement of this type of media product, is a real opportunity in a market in which the opportunities of the dominant party television to reform a television with a commercial, economic and entertainment identity are declining.

TV broadcasting, news and live broadcasting system[عدل]

The purchase of the devices was made with a complete news and archival system – with ROSS in the United Kingdom, the company that supplies the largest international channels known for its image quality product, has equipped the news system, which is the first competition to enter Iraq, one connected group of the most important servers, cameras and the necessary capabilities .

The current capabilities are expected to be competitive for less than a generation of businesses and are at the peak of production.

Live view system[عدل]

The Live view system was introduced by Live View Company for direct transportation in border locations, huge commercial markets, major stock exchanges in Iraq and the region, and ports to facilitate the movement of correspondents instead of the heavy sanctity of SNG.

broadcasts and frequencies

Iraq 24HD TV chose to be of high quality H-D, and it was contracted to launch through a broadcast package that includes the most important frequencies


4 Mega TV

Broadcasting in a 4 megabyte TV package in high quality HD

5 years to come. Capabilities and equipment that will last and compete for the next 5 years.

V11938 . frequency

Broadcast features[عدل]

This package is distinguished by the fact that it gives the brand a competitive power within the package. Appearing on frequencies classified as including one of the most important Arab screens gives the desired goals instead of appearing on cheap but weak packages that do not have much value, such as a number of Iraqi or Arabic-speaking channels that have lost influence.

Program Course 1[عدل]

It is designed on the results of questionnaires that were achieved in the establishment stage according to the needs of business owners and the opening hours of the stock exchange. It starts with a wave of news hours and turns into economic programs, reports and entertainment packages, which fit the hours of the gap in other channels, giving TV the ability to reach and influence in less time than usual.

09:00 Live from city

The broadcast begins with direct daily live transmission, traffic, weather, and cameras that transmit live traffic in commercial markets and main streets, accompanied by information related to air traffic, currency rates, and oil.

10:00 Agenda

Iraq Stock Exchange news + an overview of the Arab and foreign markets, analysis, information display, schedules, market closing data.

11:00 markets

Iraq Stock Exchange: It is the first program on Iraqi televisions to be transmitted from the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The camera is transmitted to the reporter in the stock market to talk about numbers and markets.

12:00 Made in Iraq

It is concerned with the Iraqi industrial sectors or manufacturing plants and workshops. The programs contain over time the largest data about the Iraqi industrial market and the sectors of factories from bricks to dairy, it has become a rare prominent identity for the channel.

12:30 Life jewelers

A report presenting the nature of the work of the professionals and their productions, including current and continuous ones, including old, heritage or tourism, a group of breakers was produced according to this idea, the owner of the profession spoke to the camera

Program Course 1[عدل]

15:00 Markets close

Iraq Stock Exchange news + an overview of the Arab and foreign markets, analysis, information display, schedules, market closing data.

17:00 stadiums

The first local Iraqi program that reproduces local games and popular sports, discovering stars, and presenting sports other than football as well, billiards – table – football – basketball – athletics – combat – tennis.

18:00 Business Boulevard

The first program for each sector separately in Iraq: presented after producing a field report reinforced with numbers, for example – transportation, real estate and communications – hundreds of sectors and their subsidiaries – for example: the Internet, outlets, tax, communication.

19:00 news

Salaries, retirement, stock exchange, dollars, cigarettes – gold, banks, coins, shorja, real estate, rent sale decor and design – flight emergency airports 999 – all daily traffic, party malls, food, eating reports, carafk numbers, closing – traffic – results – profits, ports – Ports Routes – Transfer

20:00 Baghdad Downtown

A daily talk show presented by Dutto, Iraqi youth who are interested in business and are known to have positive energy and youthful spirit.

Program Course 1[عدل]

23:00 last hour

The most important economic news: salaries, retirement, stock exchange, dollar, cigarettes, gold, banks, currencies, economic day schedule.

19:00 Data of Iraq

Saturday’s program on Iraq’s numbers: Specialized statistics thrown on websites or official numbers, from which a beautiful weekly episode on digital Iraq is produced, closer to the video-graphic style, but with an advanced

19:00 hard number

A digital program on Friday: speaks in the language of general numbers, but in a more in-depth and analytical way, and reports from the Iraqi street or the case under study. The idea is to present programs different from controversial or dry dialogues and replace them with numbers and useful information for business sectors on the one hand or millions of workers and employees or those looking for a job opportunity.

17:00 farthest point

A program about the unknown tourist sites in Iraq. On Friday, a visit to a different region shows the beautiful face and an important economic sector. It is broadcast every Friday.

14:00 steps

A program that meets young talents and energies in the business field, who started their projects from scratch and established their businesses in the private sector. It is broadcast every Friday.

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