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Monday January 18, 2021

Iranian official: The results of the Iranian vaccine are positive

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And in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam News Channel pointed out He pointed out that in Iran there are 11 projects submitted by some institutions, and he said that we are studying these projects at the Food and Drug Administration and there is one project so far that has obtained the necessary licenses to enter the human testing phase.

He continued: “In the human testing stage, two stages were passed and we have not yet witnessed any symptoms or complications for this vaccine.

On the question of whether imported vaccines can be trusted, and to what extent, Dr. Qanei said: “With regard to the vaccine in general, several points must be noted. First, the production of any vaccine in normal circumstances does not take less than 3 years and may last up to 5 years. The reason for this period of time is that it takes The vaccine must be given to a healthy person who does not suffer from any diseases because an unhealthy person may exhibit any symptoms or complications.

He added: “The other point that must be pointed out is the extent of the impact of this vaccine, in general, vaccines against Corona were produced in less than a year, and this is because the World Health Organization gave licenses to companies producing vaccines in emergency and special circumstances. When we talk about emergency conditions, this means. There are conditions that were not observed in the production of the Corona virus.

Regarding the Iranian vaccine, Dr. Qanei said: “The internal vaccine that is produced in Iran, we supervise all stages of its production, its symptoms and possible complications, then the subject, and this does not mean that we do not trust the foreign vaccine, but we want to say that in these circumstances we want to be completely sure of the vaccine specifications, characteristics and even The time when we are finally sure of the Iranian vaccine, there are some groups at risk that can receive the foreign vaccine, including doctors, nurses, and medical personnel in general. Then, after the Iranian vaccine meets all conditions, we will benefit from the Iranian vaccine for vaccination at the country level.

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Referring to the fact that the vaccine manufacturers do not store them in advance, but based on the purchase order the vaccines are manufactured, Dr. Qanei assured: “We cannot import vaccines through intermediaries because first there are no available vaccines at hand even when we submit an order, we will buy it immediately. The other point is that the information is We have available in the Iranian Ministry of Health – and I am a member of the vaccination committee – even before the position of the leader of the Islamic revolution – based on this information, we decided not to buy the Pfizer vaccine for several reasons. First, its value is 4 or 5 times more expensive than other vaccines, especially in the circumstances of the embargo measures imposed on Iran. “We can import a vaccine with a quarter or a fifth of the value of the Pfizer vaccine from other countries, to feed more Iranian citizens with it.”

He continued: “The other point related to the Pfizer vaccine is that it needs reservoirs of up to minus 70 degrees Celsius, and this is very difficult, scientifically and technically. The Ministry of Health reached the conviction that the Pfizer vaccine was imported because it does not suit our conditions inside Iran, but when the leader of the Islamic Revolution announced his position (preventing import Pfizer vaccine) He took this position based on what he has information, we doctors do not have this information, perhaps behind this vaccine a plot or something like a conspiracy. The fact is that the commander did not refuse to import this vaccine, we have decided to refuse to import it. There is another issue, which is that there are 170 A world-wide company has started producing the Coronavirus vaccine, and among these companies there are 12 companies that have reached the final stages, which is the human testing stage, and Pfizer is one of these companies.

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The Iranian official said: “Another point that must be pointed out is that vaccines or any drugs when they are produced are produced for different countries at different prices and under different conditions, and when the humanitarian work intervenes, of course, the results will be different from one country to another, and in this regard we must pay attention to the scientific and technical data. We do not know whether the enemy is.” He wants to target us.

Regarding the tests that were conducted on the Iranian vaccine, Mustafa Qanei said: “There are two phases regarding testing the vaccine. In the first phase, the volunteer must be from 18 to 50 years old and not suffer from any diseases even if he has symptoms, we will understand that these symptoms will be related to the vaccine, the second phase. We evaluate the effect of the vaccine by comparing the immune system of the volunteer and when we pass from the testing stage, the vaccine will be given to the patients.

He added: “The vaccine test should not result in the volunteer’s death or serious illnesses that force him to stay in the hospital because if this result appears, we will stop the testing process. But if it leads to a fever, itching or runny nose, these are symptoms that do not stop the tests here. We give the volunteer treatment and continue to test the vaccine and to this day the Iranian vaccine has not shown any symptoms because of which we have to stop testing on humans.

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