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Wednesday January 8, 2020

Iranian landmarks in the World Heritage List

Iran includes many famous monuments and archaeological sites, which contributed to the revival of tourism in the past period, due to the presence of 19 archaeological sites on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is home to the most important Islamic civilizations, one of the most important of those monuments

Landmarks of world heritage in Iran

Naqsh Jahan Square

Naqsh Jahan Square is one of the ancient sites built in the city of Isfahan, Iran, and UNESCO was laughed at in 1979, and Naqsh Jahan Square was built by Shah Abbas and this was in the seventeenth century.

Armenian monastic acts in Iran

These churches are located in West Azerbaijan of Iran, and this is the first world heritage site in Iran and approved by UNESCO, and the properties cover an area of ​​129 hectares, which is three Armenian churches, built those churches in the fourth and seventeenth centuries AD, and although they were subject to some renovations except It is in good condition since it was built, as these churches denote the impressive Armenian decorative traditions and architecture, and have been a major cause of the spread of Armenian cultures in Iran.

Bam Castle

Bam Fort includes the largest brick building in the world, and it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Iran in 2004, and it serves as a huge castle near the ancient Silk Road, and historians say that this building dates back to the era of the Achaemenid Empire in the seventh and eleventh centuries, has had an important role In ancient trade routes, and in 2003 this castle was destroyed by an earthquake.

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Beeston Engraving

Beeston is one of the cultural sites in Iran. Beeston obtained UNESCO approval as world heritage properties in 2006 AD, located within Kermanshah Province. Beeston is known for its numerous inscriptions and cipher, and experts have said that it needs to decipher the cuneiform text to understand the inscriptions, and it is worth noting that the length of these inscriptions is 15 1 meter wide and 25 meters wide, 100 meters high on limestone slopes.

Golestan Palace

Klestan Palace is located in Tehran, Iran, and is considered one of the cultural sites included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The palace joined UNESCO sites in 2013, which is a royal complex and is one of the oldest historical monuments in Iran, and it consists of buildings and inside these buildings other buildings and ownership structures , And a variety of Iranian and European letters that have existed since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Knocked Cowes

Kandbos Cowd is a cultural monument in Iran, entered the UNESCO cultural heritage in 2012, and it is a 72-meter tall tower located near the Caspian Sea, made of sloping bricks and the surface of the tower takes a conical shape, and the tower from the inside are decorative patterns consisting of thick walls And, this tower is totally dependent on the principles of architectural and scientific design that enable you to hear the echo of your voice in the front of the tower, was built in 1006 AD by Ziyad Amir Shams al-Ma’ali Qaboos bin and Shamir.

Lot Desert

The Lot Desert was incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran in 2016, and the Lot Desert is considered the most recent addition of world heritage sites in Iran, and the Lot Desert extends over an area of ​​2.2 million hectares, this large salty desert is the twenty-fifth in the world by size It is one of the hottest and drier places in the world, with an average sand temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

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