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Saturday October 17, 2020

Iranian Foreign Ministry statement regarding the end of the arms embargo

World – Iran

In a statement issued Sunday night, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that lifting the arms embargo would allow Iran to import and export weapons and conduct related financial transactions in accordance with its defense policies.

The ministry stated that the end of the arms embargo on Iran is done automatically and does not require a new statement or resolution from the UN Security Council.

She indicated that Iran can, from today, secure any weapons or equipment that it requires and from any source, without any legal restrictions and based on defense needs.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry affirmed: “We will not acknowledge the imposition of any financial, economic, or energy and armaments restrictions.”

The ministry made clear, however, that Iran relies on itself in defense and does not see an increase in arms purchases because it expects to lift the arms embargo.

The ministry stressed that Iran was able to secure its defense needs in the past and will continue this policy, and continued: “There is no place for non-conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction in Iran’s defense strategy.”

It also added that “there is no place for the random import of conventional weapons in Iran’s defense policy.”

She said, “Iran did not initiate any experiment in contemporary history despite the differences and its superiority in power.” She added, “The lucrative arms trade between Western countries and some countries in the region has led remarkably to war crimes in the Middle East, such as aggression against Yemen.”

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry indicated that the member states of the United Nations are obligated to enact their laws and regulations with the decision to lift the arms embargo on Iran, despite Washington’s efforts to undermine Tehran’s interests in the agreement.

She said that the United States should abandon its destructive approach to Resolution 2231, and continued: “Washington must return to full compliance with its obligations under the United Nations Charter, stop acts that violate international law and ignore the international order, and avoid fomenting instability in West Asia.”

In 2015, Iran signed an agreement with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany to settle the issue of the Iranian nuclear program, which provided for the lifting of international sanctions on the Islamic Republic and the abolition of the embargo on its arms within 5 years.

The United States, whose current president, Donald Trump, decided to withdraw from the nuclear deal in 2018, opposes the abolition of the ban on Iran buying weapons from abroad, and insists on imposing international sanctions on the country.

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