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Sunday October 18, 2020

Iran and the lifting of the arms embargo .. Victory and a redeemed right

The world – it is said that

Today witnessed the end of the unjust international arms embargo imposed on Tehran that was imposed on it 13 years ago, especially in light of an assertion that its military capabilities have always been and remain defensive par excellence, and “there is no place for non-conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction in Iran’s defense strategy,” which cuts the way The United States and some of its regional allies should take advantage of the decision to lift the ban to spread “Iranphobia.”

The American isolation that the world witnessed in the Security Council, some implicit rejection of Washington’s closest allies to its draft decision to extend the arms embargo on Tehran, which was the result of several factors, the most important being the intelligence of Iranian diplomacy, which included several things, the most prominent of which was the confrontational policy in which the Iranian Blumasi excel, and his ability to Resisting any form of pressure that is contrary to the national interest and Iranian national security, and it is the same intelligence that brought together the five permanent members of the Security Council in addition to Germany in 2015, and through which the nuclear agreement was brought out, and the right to possess nuclear technology was withdrawn from among the West’s teeth, which is the intelligence that forced The European West is aware of its right to lift the arms embargo on his country, and to affirm Washington’s image of international isolation in front of its close allies.

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The embargo, which Tehran continues to assert that it is unjust and unjust, and when it says that it is an unjust prohibition, this means in other words that it prevented Tehran from its right to possess the capabilities and strength necessary to defend itself, and because it prevents it from its natural right to obtain the latest military defense technologies, a right that it preserves International law and international agreements. Noting that Tehran today possesses high-capacity defense technology, and the journey of self-sufficiency in the defense industries has reached, according to the statements of the Iranian Minister of Defense Brigadier General Amir Hatami, and the Iranian air defense now possesses high capabilities that Tehran has successfully tested in bringing down the pride of the American military industry, Global Hawk The march in June 2019, after it penetrated Iranian airspace,

The stance of Western countries, especially European countries, with Tehran on the issue of lifting the arms embargo, and its contradiction to the American will, although it came in a more diplomatic and implicit form, raises an urgent question: Can this European refrainment from confronting Washington be considered a new European policy towards Tehran?

The European abandonment of Washington came at a critical moment in the life of the American administration, while it was fighting its toughest political wars at home, in search of an electoral victory for a second presidential term. The European abandonment came completely different to Washington’s assumptions, and it may have embarrassed it greatly and unparalleled in front of the world. A hasty decision, or a departure from the text, but rather it came at a time and temporal and interim requirements in which Europe has come to see itself on the sidelines in international issues and issues, after the complete American domination of the European decision, since Trump received the policy keys in the White House, and therefore, European capitals tried Through this decision, it has proven itself again, first to its country and to the world, secondly, that it came out from under the American cloak, and now rejects the policy of bullying that the Trump administration practiced against it during four years; It also tried to end the US state of exclusivity in fateful decisions, to restore its role to the public, and to impose new requirements and political conditions on the international arena.

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