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If you are a fan of photo editing, retouching and adding artistic effects to them, and you are interested in getting beautiful and creative designs, then you have reached your destination, because you will find it all in iPiccy photo editor. All you have to do is discover the program’s tools and easy-to-use method so that you can quickly go to work on preparing your photos.

What is iPiccy Photo Editor?

iPiccy Photo Editor is an online photo editing website ( It is very similar to the famous Photoshop program in many commands and effects, so it is a free and alternative solution. The way to work in it is easy and simple, and it also contains 3 photo editors:

  1. Photo Editor Photo Editor.
  2. Collage Maker.
  3. Graphic Designer Editor.

The nice thing is that you can work on the program without signing in.

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Photo Editor in iPiccy

Photo Editor in iPiccy
Photo Editor in iPiccy

iPiccy Photo Editor, this photo editor is entered, after clicking on the Edit a Photo button on the home page of the site, and here will work to get the images as desired in terms of changing the size or color or applying some filters and others.

open photo

iPiccy photo editor, two buttons appear at the top of the screen, one of which is Photo library, a quick and temporary browser that you can insert the photos you will use, and the other, Open, has several ways to open photos:

  1. Open an image from your device.
  2. Download an image from the Internet by typing the URL of the image’s location.
  3. Take a picture directly via WebCam.
  4. Using the Clipboard, which is intended to take a screenshot of a screen with the PrintScreen button and then paste using the Ctrl V buttons.
  5. Drag the desired image from an off-site window and drop it directly into the site.
  6. Create a new image. Its scale and fill color are specified (Canvas Color), or the image’s ground is left transparent (Transparent Canvas).

Edit photo

iPiccy Photo Editor, the image adjustment process is done using the available commands in several tabs (Basic, Advanced, Adjustments, Color, Filters) that appear on the left of the screen.

Basic tab

  • Auto Fix:
    To change the lighting and color.
  • Crop picture:
    Cut out parts of the image.
  • Rotate & Flip:
    Rotate and flip the image (horizontally or vertically).
  • Resize image:
    Change image dimensions (width and height).
  • Exposure:
    Image detection, including control of brightness, shadows, and contrast.
  • Sharpen:
    Image sharpness, to make details more vivid.
  • Vibrance:
    To make the image more vibrant (adjusting the intensity of some colors).
  • Colors:
    Change the colors of an image by controlling the temperature (warm or cool), tint, and fade.
  • Hue & Saturation:
    Hue control, saturation and lightness.

Advanced . tab

  • Curves:
    Change tones, using curves.
  • Clone:
    The clone command, which is by selecting and copying a part of the image, and then applying it to another part. Used to fix some defects in the picture or hide some parts.
  • Extract details:
    Extracting details, so that the details of the image appear more clearly.
  • Shadows/Highlights:
    To change the brightness, shadows, and clarity, Clarity.
  • Erase Background:
    Delete areas of the design background, so that transparent areas appear instead of the deleted part, when the Transparent Background option is enabled.
  • Dodge:
    It is used to reduce the intensity of color (lightening).
  • Burn:
    To increase the intensity of the color (burn it or darken it).
  • Draw:
    To paint as if you were using a simple brush.
  • Levels:
    Change contrast and brightness levels.
  • Liquify:
    It’s called the Bleed command, and it can change some areas of the image (narrowing, exposure, Pucker curl, Bloat).

Adjustments tab

  • Equalize:
    Equalize the color in the image by adjusting the brightness of the colors and improving the contrast.
  • local contrast:
    Local contrast, helps to clarify the image and bring out the details in it.
  • Light & Contrast:
    Lighting and contrast.
  • Adjust Threshold:
    Shows the image in black and white.

Color . tab

  • Black & White:
    Shows image colors in or close to grayscale.
  • Sepia:
    To apply a sepia filter to the image to enhance it.
  • Color Tint:
    Apply a specific color to the image (fade determines the intensity of the color).
  • Color Balance:
    Color Scale The colors of the image are changed in a balanced way.
  • Invert:
    Invert the colors of the image.

Filters tab

  • Add Noise:
    Add granules or small atoms to the image.
  • Emboss:
    Embossing or embellishing the image.
  • Blur image/smart Blur:
    Blur or add blur effect.

After you have finished modifying the image, you can use the Save button at the top to save it on the device as a JPG or PNG file.

Photo Retouching

iPiccy Photo Editor This process includes fixing defects in photos, especially with regard to personal photos. There are many tools available that help remove skin blemishes, whiten teeth, change the color of lips, hair and eyes. As well as treating the red-eye effect that appears after taking pictures, and others.

To get these tools we use the vertical toolbar that appears in the far left, and we click on the button in the form of the Retouch face, and in the adjacent section all the tools for retouching images appear.

Apply artistic touches to photos

iPiccy Photo Editor, there are many beautiful commands and help to get creative artistic designs. The buttons in the leftmost vertical bar use:

  • Photo Effects button to apply artistic effects to the photo.
  • Frames Add frames to the photo.
  • Textures Apply certain patterns to the image, add lights, and more.

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Photo Collage Maker in iPiccy

Photo Collage Maker in iPiccy
Photo Collage Maker in iPiccy

iPiccy Photo Editor, this editor is used to create a photo collage made up of several photos combined together. It is accessed by clicking on the Make a collage button on the main page of the site.

Insert photos

We press the Add Images button to add the desired images, as they are shown on the left of the screen within the Photo Library section, and then each image is dragged and dropped within the design.

image outline

The template or shape of the design scheme and the appropriate settings for it are specified. It may contain three, four or more images, horizontally, vertically, composite, and others. This is done using the two buttons in the vertical bar at the far left of the screen:

  1. The first button, Templates, when pressed, appears a set of ready-made layouts or templates to put images together, and they are distributed into 3 categories (Basic, One big Photo, Jigsaw). When you click on the appropriate layout, it appears in the work area, and then the images are dragged to it.
  2. The second button is Collage settings to set the settings for the collage images, such as the spacing between them and the percentage of roundness in which each image appears, in addition to specifying the design dimensions, width and height at Custom Size, and the background color of the design.

Save and export

iPiccy Photo Editor, after completing the design setup, click the Save button in the horizontal bar above the image to save it as a JPG or PNG file. As for the Export button, it is used to export the collage as a normal image that is opened directly in the Photo Editor, and in this case we cannot modify it as parts of a collage, but rather it becomes one part, i.e. a flat image.

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Graphic Designer Photo Editor at iPiccy

Graphic Designer Photo Editor at iPiccy
Graphic Designer Photo Editor at iPiccy

iPiccy Photo Editor, if you want to design professionally, this is definitely your playground, here the mechanism of work is different because you will deal with the concept of Layers as if you were in Photoshop completely. Each part of the design is considered a separate layer that is edited on its own, regardless of the rest of the other parts or layers.

To access this editor, we press the Create a Design button on the site’s home page, to go to the designer’s page. This page is characterized by the presence of the word Designer on the left of the screen and below it Layers and then Background.

Create a new design

iPiccy photo editor, we click on the New button in the horizontal bar at the top of the screen, a special window (Create new design) will appear containing:

  • A list of file dimensions Custom size, to choose or write the appropriate size Width and Height.
  • Choose the canvas color, or as it is called, the background color.
  • Transparent Canvas, selected when creating PNG designs.
  • Create button to create the design.
  • Start From Image, start with a JPG type image, as the groundwork for the design and all new elements will be placed on top of it.

Edit design

iPiccy Photo Editor, at this stage, all the required steps are taken to obtain the desired final design, by adding and modifying elements to the file. We use the small horizontal bar, which contains 3 buttons, to place new parts in the design:

  • Add image To add the image to the design.
  • Add text To write texts.
  • Add sticker To insert various stickers or shapes.

It is worth noting, that every part in the design is just to click on it, its properties appear directly on the left of the screen to be modified according to the desired. For example, if we select the image, all its settings appear: Fade, Flip, Effects, and others.

When you click on any empty area outside the design, the word Layers will appear on the left of the screen and below it will be Background, and then all the design components, including images, text, and shapes. With the eye icon, you can show or hide any element. To modify the background color, click on the word Background in the list and then change its settings.

Finally, you can save the file as JPG or PNG. Or export the file to Photo Editor and here it will be treated as a single image, not as a design composed of several layers or parts.

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Create an account in iPiccy Photo Editor

iPiccy Photo Editor, We mentioned earlier that we can work without creating an account, but if you want to take advantage of all the features and apply commands more than once, it is better to have an account on the site.

On the home page of the site, we click on the Sign In button at the top of the screen at the far right, after that a special window appears where you can enter the site through your Facebook account, or use the e-mail (for the existing user).

In the case of a new user, to create the account, do the following:

  • Click on New User? Sign Up Now!
  • Type your email address and the appropriate password, then click the Create Account button.
  • A confirmation message will then be sent to your email, in which the Confirm Your Email button appears, click on it directly.
  • You go to the iPiccy photo editor web page, which tells you that your account might.
  • All you have to do next time is to sign in using your email and password.

After this quick tour of iPiccy photo editor review, it is an important online program that helps in professional photo editing and adding artistic touches to them. In addition to creating new photo montages and artistic designs, effectively and nicely.