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Monday June 29, 2020

IPhone 2020 phones may come without chargers and headphones in the boxes

Apple is seeking to reduce its costs with the iPhone 2020 after adding the fifth generation technology by not charging the charger and headphones in the phone boxes.

Apple has often sparked controversy over the contents of iPhone boxes or boxes by reducing their contents, from not having chargers to slow 5W chargers instead of fast 18W chargers in boxes and just selling them separately, among other things. It seems that it will continue this controversy this year, according to reports.

Technical and trusted analyst for Apple news, Ming-Chi Kuo, says the company plans not to add chargers and headphones to the 2020 versions.

The analyst explains this, with Apple’s plan to cut costs after adding the fifth-generation chips for this year’s copy, in order to maintain their required profits.

The strange thing is that the company will also stop adding chargers inside the iPhone SE boxes that will be sold later this year.

It seems that the economic situation in light of the Corona pandemic suggests to Apple to take more steps to preserve its profits and reduce operating costs, not adding a charger and a headset within each fund will make them smaller and thus reducing the costs of the boxes as well as the shipping costs of different countries, and at the same time this step will encourage users to purchase Chargers and headphones separately, which will contribute to the increase in sales of wireless headphones mostly, thus achieving greater profit margin.

On the other hand, the iPad 10.8-inch device that will come later this year and the 8.5-inch iPad device that will arrive early next year, according to the analyst, will come with a 20-watt charger inside the box unlike the iPhone.

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Although Ming-Chi Kuo’s forecasts and analyzes are often true, we are waiting for what Apple will do when its phones are launched late in the year.



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