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Tuesday June 30, 2020

IPhone 12 will not be shipped with a charger or headphones inside the case – leaks

Contents of the topic

New leaks about IPhone 12. But this time, we will not talk about specifications or features leaks. Or even design the phone. New leaks about the contents of the phone case. IPhone 12 will not be shipped with an Ad-Charge charger or wired headphones. Yes Apple will only include the phone and a cable from Lightning to Type C and some papers in the package. Why ?. Let’s discuss this a little bit

IPhone 12 will not be shipped with a box charger

4 years ago, Apple announced that it would release the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. Which made many companies around the world, most notably Samsung, to make fun of Apple. Because it was a strange step to remove a very important entrance. It is widely used. but after that ?. Many companies that mocked Apple did this and removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. But Apple seems to be trying to outdo itself this time

Based on numerous leaks, Apple intends not to attach the wired headphones to its phone case. But the leaks evolved to indicate that the company would also not attach the charger to the package. Why ?. Even less e-waste in the world. You have an old IPhone and will buy new? Use your old charger with the new cable at your convenience. Or the whole old charger. Want a faster charger? Buy it alone and the 5 Watt charger price is around $ 18. The fastest charger costs $ 50 or $ 60. Not expensive

What interest ?

IPhone 12 will not be shipped with a charger or headphones inside the case - leaks 1

Interest to you as a user? Nothing pays some change – given the price of the phones – for an extra piece not in your box. It’s strange and not good. What interest?. nothing. We understood that removing the headphone jack to spread the wireless headphones is, on the one hand, a bit better. But removing the charger itself from the box? This is a bit exaggerated.

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