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Tuesday February 23, 2021

IPhone 12 helps Apple beat Samsung for the first time in years

IPhone 12 was the reason why Apple beat Samsung in terms of units sold in the last quarter of the recent fiscal year 2020.

Reports for the fiscal year 2020 of mobile phone sales appeared, and for the first time since 2016, Apple managed to beat Samsung in terms of the number of units sold for its phones in 2020.

Of course, this was expected due to Apple’s launch of the iPhone 12, which received the approval of users and experts alike, and it is the first time that Apple launched a phone with these specifications in the price category below $ 1000.

Although Apple prevailed in the fourth quarter of the year 2020, Samsung managed to outperform it in total sales for the year, as Samsung sold nearly 253 million units against Apple’s 200 million units.

IPhone 12

The year 2020 witnessed a decrease in Samsung’s total sales of approximately 14%, while Apple’s sales increased by 3.3%, and Xiaomi’s sales increased by 15%.

The secret behind the decline in Samsung’s sales in the fourth quarter and the year in general is the fierce competition that the company faces in all price groups.

Where Xiaomi faces fiercely in the economic and mid-range category, and Apple beats it in the leading phone category.

It is highly expected that the sales map for mobile phones will change with the spread of news and information about the ban on Xiaomi by the US government and the possibility of losing Google services, as happened with Huawei.

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Of course, the biggest decline was for Huawei, whose market share decreased by an estimated value of approximately 25%, and this of course is due to preventing the company from using Google services and accessing them.

Apple also did not have a very good year, and its plan to use the iPhone 12 mini and make it beat the rest of the competition has failed to the point that the company is considering to stop manufacturing it and give up this size completely in the coming releases.

I also expect that this map will change a lot with the passage of days and before the release of the new generation of iPhone phones, in the end the age of iPhone 12 in the market is still less than 6 months and at the time of issuing the report we relied on, the iPhone 12 was available for less than 3 months.


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