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Wednesday July 21, 2021

iOS 15.. Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum features

iOS 15 introduced a large number of new features and features. It aims to improve the user experience in all respects, among which were the features of Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum, and comes mainly to improve voice performance in order to reach an ideal social communication experience.

These new features show how much Apple is currently interested in audio-related technologies. In addition to her interest in audio-visual communication. The importance of which emerged during the Corona pandemic and working online.

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What is Voice Isolation feature in iOS 15

Voice Isolation – or sound isolation in Arabic – is a feature that, obviously, isolates sound. Which will happen in the less-than-ideal conditions in which we usually receive calls. Like being in a traffic jam, having people around who are making noise, or even having someone playing an instrument close by!

This feature isolates all the sounds around you and focuses exclusively on your own voice. We may have seen similar technologies from many companies in the past, but according to what has been done, Apple’s sound insulation feature is the best in terms of effectiveness. where she could guitar sound isolation It was played completely close to the speaker.

Wide Spectrum feature in iOS 15

The literal translation of the name of this property is “broad spectrum”. And when we read a phrase like this, the first thing that comes to our mind is comprehensiveness, which is exactly what this property provides, which works in complete opposite to the aforementioned soundproofing.

Instead of your iPhone isolating the sounds around you when you put your voice into the microphone. Instead, it collects all the sounds around you while maintaining its purity and clarity. This feature may be useful if you want to hear your favorite song from the other party on the call, or you want to transmit the content of a meeting that is currently taking place. Or even when you’re at a concert!

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How to activate the new microphone features

If you are using the current beta version of iOS 15 or you are reading this article after the stable version has arrived for everyone, you may be wondering how to enable the new microphone features, which are the aforementioned Wide Spectrum and Voice Isolation features.

And don’t expect here that we’ll start listing the steps. On the contrary, Apple has made it very easy to access the new features. As all you have to do is go to the “Mic Mode” option or the microphone mode, which is available directly within the Control Center, and from there choose the mode you want:

Contrary to what some might expect, especially after seeing the previous image, the new features are not exclusive to the FaceTime application, and they are usable in other applications, but the matter here entirely depends on the application developer, who will have to update his application to support the new features, for example, the Skype application At the moment it does not support any of the previous technologies.

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