Interpretation of seeing the prince and princes in a dream through a content website for the interpretation of dreams, after we mentioned in a previous topic the interpretation of seeing the king in a dream and the interpretation of the significance of seeing him, greeting him and shaking hands with him, as well as the indication of talking to him.

And we will, through the next lines of our topic today, mention the interpretation of seeing the prince in a dream, as mentioned by the scholar Sheikh Abdul Ghani Al-Nabulsi in his book Taatir Al-Anam in the interpretation of dreams, with a detailed explanation of all the indications related to seeing him in the dream.

Prince in a dream to Nabulsi

Nabulsi said that Seeing the prince in a dream It is a reflection of what is distinguished by the viewer or what the viewer desperately needs during that period to get out of distress or predicament. bachelor’s dream Good news of marriage, or it is an indication of the imminent realization of a wish or a goal or the demise of an obstacle or trouble and trouble, and seeing a person as if he had become a prince warns him of distress, anguish, or imprisonment.

And whoever sees himself giving food to the prince, he will suffer great distress and relief, and the prince’s divorce from his wife in a dream portends misfortune and distress, and putting on the prince’s crown or leaving his clothes, belt or shoes portends neglect or worry. As for wearing clothes or the crown, etc., it indicates justice. ease, and seeing the poor become a prince in his dream bode well for wealth and prosperity, and God knows best.

The prince in a single dream

indicate Seeing the prince in a single girl’s dream On good luck and goodness, especially if she sees a single woman as if a prince is betrothing her or marrying her in her dream, and seeing the prince’s clothes are white, elegant and praiseworthy, and seeing the prince’s gift of a gold ring to single people is good tidings, and seeing a prince who assumes an emirate other than the country in which there is an indication of the marriage of the single person to a stranger or her travel and movement to another place.

And the prince may symbolize the manager, businessmen, or the elite of society, and in general it is considered Seeing the prince in a single dream Good news, especially if the single woman sees herself talking to him or babysitting him, or that the prince smiles at her, as this vision heralds a dream that will come true and a wish or goal that will become close to her, and the prince’s gift in general to the single is good news and blessings in her life.

As for the single girl who sees herself as if she has become a princess and enters the palace and deals in it with an emirate, this heralds her success and excellence in something that may be a study or work, and a vision Prince’s food In the dream of a single woman, provision or happy news, and feeding the single prince in her mouth is an indication of goodness, blessing and profit, and the best food is grapes and honey as it heralds a wide sustenance, and God knows best.

The prince in a married woman’s dream

As for seeing the prince in a married woman’s dream, it is a symbol of her husband, or it may refer to the eldest sonSeeing princes and princesses In a married woman’s dream, she is a good omen and Mahmoud, as it heralds success and prosperity in living and stability. Seeing a married woman in her dream as if she had become a princess is a sign of elevation and honor and may indicate her position in the heart of her husband or among her family and her family.

The best vision is to see the married woman as if one of her daughters had become a princess and wears princess clothes and ornaments and jewels studded with diamonds, as it heralds the marriage of that daughter if she is of marriageable age, or indicates a promising future awaiting that daughter, and God knows best.

Prince in a pregnant dream

Seeing the prince in a pregnant woman’s dream is considered an indication and good tidings of the male child, and vice versa when seeing the princess in a pregnant dream, where she heralds the female, and in general, the vision is one of the heralds of goodness and blessing in her life and the lives of her children and also heralds the sustenance and prosperity of life, and God Almighty is higher and knows best.

It is good to see the prince in a dream

One of the best manifestations and indications that indicate that Seeing a prince or princess in a dream It is a good vision.

  • Kissing the prince, shaking hands and greeting the prince, embracing the prince, as these indications indicate the cessation of troubles or the repayment of a debt.

  • Seeing the gift of a prince or princess in a dream heralds the realization of a wish for the seer, if that gift is clothes, ornaments and jewelry, the gift must be of benefit and need for the seer, as the unwanted gift for the seer indicates wasting money, effort and time in matters of no value. ,God knows.

Princes al-Mahmoud seeing them in a dream

Among the best names of the princes that bode well for the dreamer are the princes from the Al Saud and the Hashem family, as well as of Jordanian, Moroccan and Alawi origin, where all those thrones are linked and fall from the lineage of the most honorable of creation, our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and God knows best.

The evil of seeing a prince in a dream

As for the evil vision Which relates to seeing a prince or princess in a dream.

  • The death of the prince, or the dismissal of the prince, or the killing or imprisonment of the prince, as this vision portends trouble and the demise of blessings.

  • Seeing the prince’s illness, the prince’s anger, the prince’s sadness, or seeing the prince wounded portends the obstacles and challenges that the seer will face during the coming period.

  • Likewise, it is not commendable and hateful to see the prince being beaten or insulted, or enmity and animosity with the prince, as it warns of something bad that will befall the seer from a person of authority and influence, and God knows best.

Thus, we have finished mentioning the interpretation of the implications related to seeing the prince and princess in a dream, and God willing, the interpretation of seeing the palace in a dream will be presented in the next article.

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