It is a relative thing that is not agreed upon, as the tastes differ from one person to another in determining the aesthetic qualities according to the way of thinking, but the world has agreed on a number of aesthetic qualities that have been identified by a large number of cosmetic experts based on certain criteria, where these criteria contribute to Determining the proportion of beauty, and in this article we will mention the universal aesthetic qualities.[1]

international beauty brands

Global Beauty Brands:[2]

  • The mole or the good: which is below or above the lips.
  • Long hair: which is characterized by its softness, luster, and density, as it highlights the attractiveness and beauty of women, especially when the hair falls on the shoulders.
  • Medium length: it gives her a body suitable for her weight, and excessive length or excessive shortness is an unpopular sign for some.
  • Long and thin fingers: They are signs of beauty, and medium-length, arched nails are among the signs that increase the beauty of fingers, especially when painted.
  • Slim legs: They are the legs that are consistent with the rest of the body, and are full and smooth.
  • The plantar foot: It is where the instep of the toes is bent downward when the foot is lifted off the ground, and it must also be small.
  • Fitness: It means moderation in weight, with a noticeable lightness.
  • The long and prominent neck: where the attractiveness of the neck increases.
  • Clear skin: that does not contain pimples or pimples.

Global beauty signs in the face

Global beauty signs in the face:[3]

  • Nose: which is characterized by its small size, and raised to the top.
  • Natural lips: The upper half is larger than the lower half.
  • Face shape: The moderate shape that is neither round nor long is one of the signs of women’s beauty.
  • Naturally defined lips: which are characterized by a slightly darker edge color, which increases the beauty of features, and gives an attractive smile, and the small mouth is also a sign of beauty.
  • Eyebrows: which are naturally defined and drawn, and thick and wide.
  • The hair between the eyebrows: as some consider it to be a feature of beauty.
  • Long eyelashes: where the attractiveness and beauty of the eyes appear.
  • Small ear: it adds some features of innocence and childhood, and shows its consistency with facial features.
  • Soft voice: it highlights the tenderness and femininity of a woman.
  • Wide eyes: where the eyes are one of the most prominent signs of beauty, being the language of acquaintance, in addition to the eyes of poplars, whose whiteness is more intense than their blackness.
  • Dimples: Dimples are a sign of beauty, whether they are on one cheek, on the cheeks, or on the chin. They add a hint of beauty when laughing, which prompted some women to search for some solutions in order to obtain them, including plastic surgery.
  • Light freckles: It adds a lot of femininity and tenderness to a woman’s features.

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international beauty brands

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