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Monday September 28, 2020

Intel updates its XPS series laptops with 11th generation Intel processors

Dell has updated a number of its XPS series laptops with Intel’s latest “11th Gen” processors, to include the XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop, XPS 13 and XPS 13 Developer Edition.

With this step, the three laptops are the first among the American company’s computers to be chosen to bear the signature of Intel’s Evo platform and its eleventh generation of processors, which have great advantages in terms of thickness and weight and maintain longer battery life with large central processing power.

We start with the similar features in the three versions that came with Thunderbolt 4 ports and LPDDR4x memory that can be upgraded from 3733MHz to 4267MHz with support for RAM “up to 32 GB”.

The updated XPS 13 2-in-1 and XPS 13 versions come with Intel Xe graphics; The difference between them is that the XPS 13 convertible 2-in-1 comes with an IR camera that supports Microsoft’s Windows Hello feature, in addition to being distinguished by a number of design differences.

As for the Developer Edition, it comes with the Ubuntu 20.04LTS power-saving feature, which Dell aims to extend the life of the computer’s battery while working to 19 hours, with the company providing it with an InfinityEdge FHD + screen.

Price and availability in the market

Dell will start providing its laptops in the United States and Canada on September 30, that is, after two days, so that the price of the XPS 13 will start from $ 999, while the convertible 2-in-1 will start its price from $ 1,249; However, the company has not yet disclosed the price of the developer version.

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Dell will introduce the XPS 13 series with 11th generation processors to the European market within the next few weeks, according to the announced plan.



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