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Friday August 7, 2020

Intel hacked and leaked 20 GB documents containing commercial secrets

One of Intel’s servers was hacked and a huge amount of classified official documents belonging to it containing commercial secrets were stolen and published on the Internet.

A Swiss engineer named Till Kottmann has released some documents that belong to the company and claimed that he obtained it from the hacker, adding that the operation took place last May.

According to him, the first batch of leaked documents is 20 GB, most of which carry a confidential nature and are under the restriction of not disclosing information, as Intel considers it commercial secrets.

ZDNet has access to sample content of leaked and published documents via Mega Cloud Storage. The website confirmed that it contains information related to the design of the processors and the source codes for them.

It also includes software BIOS manipulation codes and even typical Kaby Lake processors, as well as schematics code for Tiger Lake processors that Intel has not yet released.

It is clear that what the hackers got is very sensitive documents about the company’s products and does not contain any personal data about its employees or customers.

Intel rejects claims that it was hacked by hackers who had access to a well-established CDN server run by Akami, which was not properly protected. Rather, she says the documents were leaked by someone who has access to the Resource and Design Center, a web portal that provides Intel partners access to confidential technical documents for their processors.



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