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Wednesday July 15, 2020

Intel Announces September 2nd Virtual Event to Unveil ‘Something Big’

Intel Corporation announced that it will hold a virtual conference on the second of September next via an e-mail message reaching media outlets and press agencies; It seems that the company will unveil the latest processor technology across the 11th-generation series.

The company announced its announcement saying, “A big thing we share with you” on the second of September. It is almost as if the eleventh-generation Tiger Lake processor series, models of which were shown at the CES2020 at the beginning of the year, was revealed at the time, when it was limited to laptops.

With the launch of these processors, it will be the new generation of Ice Lake processors built with the technology of manufacturing 10 nano meters plus, and thus will be in direct competition with the AMD 4000 processors that are based on the 7 nano architecture, which gained wide control in the recently announced laptop.

Taking into account the recent price and providing a suitable and strong alternative that seems to be going out of its silence over the past period, there is an incentive for you to come back aggressively to confront its fierce competitor, as we are expected to see the first laptop computers with the 11th-generation Intel processor from Acer during the fall, as previously stated by the Chinese company.

In all cases, less than two months, and we will be fully aware of the surprise that Intel brings to its fans and competitors through its upcoming virtual event in the beginning of September, where we will provide you with its details first-hand, God willing.

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