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Sunday January 19, 2020

Instagram removes the IGTV icon from its official application interface

If you recently noticed by some people, the prominent orange IGTV application button no longer appears at the top of the Instagram application interface, because the social network apparently desires to persuade users to download the separate IGTV application.

Within a year and a half of launching Instagram’s IGTV app, only 7 million downloads out of more than a billion Instagram users, reflecting a lack of interest and desire to have the app on users ’devices.

Instagram noticed that most users browse long IGTV videos by appearing on their profile or browsing their channels from the navigation page or user accounts, and it is rare for someone to click the button assigned to them to access them.

In practice, the standalone IGTV app does not need to watch its long videos, but you can browse it on Instagram itself.

Instagram still does not share its earnings with users who upload their videos to IGTV and display ads, which is the biggest criticism from users and they see nothing encouraging in it to participate in the production of long videos.

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