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Saturday November 21, 2020

Instagram and Messenger introduce a new feature available on WhatsApp

Instagram and Facebook Messenger have got a new feature that may be familiar to people who use WhatsApp.
The new feature called Vanish Mode allows automatic deletion of text messages as soon as they are shown and the recipient leaves the chat, and this is faster than WhatsApp, which keeps messages for 7 days before they disappear.

Unfortunately, Vanish Mode is only available in the US at this time, with expectations that this feature will be rolled out in other countries in the coming weeks and months.

Temporary messages appeared for the first time in the Snapchat application, allowing users to send text messages, pictures and videos that disappear when users leave the chat window, and stories have also been added, which are a collection of pictures, videos and text cards that disappear after a 24-hour period to WhatsApp Instagram and Messenger.

With the addition of Vanishing Messages to Instagram Messenger, Facebook has now brought this feature to its three-way chat services. And you will be notified when someone takes a screenshot when chatting in hidden mode, which is a great security feature. As with Snapchat, there is no built-in feature that prevents people from using the camera – or another smartphone – to take a picture of what’s happening on the screen.

To activate the new feature, you will need to swipe up inside the chat window, and the chat window on Instagram and Messenger will then display a small download circle, before the interface becomes dark to indicate the feature has been activated, and to exit it, you only need to swipe up again.

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It should be noted that Instagram and Facebook do not use end-to-end encryption by default, so you may not want to use this feature for anything very private and confidential. And if you want to participate in end-to-end encrypted chats, you will need to use the secret chat feature hidden in Messenger.

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