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Who is an Information Technology Entrepreneur?

It is a Saudi institution based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, commercial registration No. 4030409112.

What are the services of Munjiz Information Technology?

Munjaz provides its clients with many services that enable them to complete their work completely on the Internet and its services

1- Website design 2- Mobile application design 3- Web hosting 4- Funded advertising campaigns 5- Visual identity design. 6- Investing in electronic applications and websites. 7- Cyber ​​security services and protection from penetration and vulnerabilities. 8- Apis Relationship Management

What is the message of Munjiz Information Technology?

It is to enable all new and developed ideas to interact on the ground and the occurrence of global change in the field of information technology.

Enjaz Information Technology website

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