Information Technology

With the rapid development of the means of technology, which is witnessing daily developments in all fields, it was necessary to employ this technology in the field of obtaining information so that a person can obtain any information immediately, and it became possible to follow all the news at the moment of its occurrence through the means of technology and the Internet. .

Information technology can be defined as all available means that facilitate access to information in the shortest time by relying on a computer and devices that support communication with internal or external networks “the Internet.” Information technology also uses applications that transfer, store and process information securely, until it is used by Before institutions and companies of various specializations.

IT Elements

Today, there is no institution that can dispense with information technology, there are even institutions that allocate departments in information technology, with the rapid development that we are witnessing, it is necessary to provide employees who have the ability to store data and information for the institution to be used in many areas within the institution, especially in major institutions , such as universities that contain many colleges and educational departments that need to store a huge amount of information, so the information must be processed quickly through the use of technological means that facilitate access to information in a few seconds. Information technology depends on a number of elements, the most important of which are:

  • Computer availability.
  • Devices and equipment that connect to a computer, such as a printer, storage tools, and modems.
  • Programs and applications that run on the computer, to perform the tasks required to preserve information and facilitate access to it.
  • knowledge resources.

IT features

Information technology is characterized by a number of characteristics, namely:

  • Easy access to any information or news from around the world.
  • Providing the necessary information in all fields “economy, politics, education and others”.
  • Facilitating learning about everything new in a short time, as it is possible to learn about different cultures in different parts of the world through the use of computers and the Internet only.
  • Its cost is low.
  • Fast and effective, as it can be used to make important decisions in community service.
  • Facilitate obtaining a job by submitting applications online instead of going in person to the institution.
  • Organizing the work of institutions within the same country or with other institutions outside the country quickly and safely.
  • Providing the necessary information about a specific product and this is important for newly established companies that wish to promote their products.
  • Developing science, research and studies in various fields by collecting information on the latest studies conducted in different regions of the world.

IT features

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