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Wednesday July 8, 2020

Information on the Tagan Island in Siwa

Different Siwa, where the Siwa Oasis is located in the far west of Egypt on the northern shores of the Great Sand Sea, and is located near Libya and the Maghreb from any of the other Egyptian urban centers, and its geographical isolation helped to protect a unique society that is clearly distinguished from the prevailing Egyptian culture, so we find That the Berbers have settled it and the word barbarians call it (the wandering tribes of North Africa).

Siwa Oasis

For centuries the oasis has been in contact with a few caravan merchants who have passed along the road and occasional pilgrims looking for the famous Oracle of Amun. The main oasis of Siwa is the oasis itself, it is an example of unspoilt nature preserved by more than 300 springs and streams of fresh water and shaded with an estimated With 300,000 palm trees and 70,000 olive trees Siwa is a typical oasis. [1]

One Bear Bir Wahed

Wahid Bir, also translated as Bir Wahid, is a hot sulfuric fountain, the size of a large jacuzzi on the shores of the Great Sand Sea. Relaxing in the nearby freshwater lake and watching the sunset over the dunes is a surreal experience that many tourists flock to the oasis to see these views. Picturesque and sunset time on its shore.

The tourist importance of Siwa Oasis

Siwa is a secret material for desert daydreams, as this fertile basin is located only 50 km from the Libyan border, and sits at an altitude of approximately 25 meters below sea level and is filled with olive and palm trees, embodies the life of pristine oases that did not extend to humans To destroy it.

Located between shady orchards, squatting, and palmsqueezing clay bricks are connected through winding dirt paths where rolling donkeys are still part of street movement such as motorcycles and 4WDs, and are spread throughout the oasis with crystal clear springs, a heavenly respite from Harsh heat, andAt the edge of the oasis, the Great Sand Sea waves swell to the horizon, providing an irresistible forage to explore the desert. [2]

Where is the island of Taghagin

The island is located about 3 km from the city and the airport 36 km from Siwa, and Siwa is 280 km from Marsa Matruh, and the village of Taghagin and the island were the first villages of Siwa, and the island has an area of ​​38000 square meters in the Great Lake Siwa, and has a lake of its own road along 2 km and width of 9 m.

There is a spring in the middle with a depth of 504 m and 4 m.There are 400 fruitful palms, and around the island a lot of mountains and green fields and 5 other islands shosha destroy the middle stone biuot Alexander stone, every island in the land of safety., There is also a good hotel with reasonable prices and stunning views. A quiet ocean.

But if you are thinking of visiting Siwa, you are a special and different type of tourist, and certainly you are not the type that prefers packages, sun, fun and discotheques. [3]

Taghaghien Island Resort

Set on a secluded island on the Siwa Lake, this resort offers tranquility and a traditional Berber atmosphere. Taghaghien boasts magnificent natural scenery, 13 km from Siwa city center.

The property offered by Taghaghien Resort consists of rooms and bungalows decorated in a typical Egyptian style, each with an en suite bathroom.

Guests can also explore the ancient village or visit the holy Temple of Amun. Other leisure options include lake swimming and safari. Featuring an onsite restaurant, Taghaghien Island Resort offers the option of outdoor dining.

Guests can have drinks outside, while enjoying the fresh breeze from the Sahara Desert, which is the most popular place for newlyweds to spend a quiet and wonderful honeymoon. [4]

Tourist attractions in Siwa Taghan

Cleopatra swimming pool

Siwa Springs are famous throughout the Western Desert, and the Cleopatra pool, also known as the Cleopatra bath or Spring of the Sun, is a large circular stone group filled with clear, clear waters. Ironically, Cleopatra may not have bathed here at all but called a pool Cleopatra located in the Siwa Oasis.

Fatnas Island

Fatnas Island is a palmshaded island in the middle of Lake Siwa, and it is a great place for a stunning sunset, so watching the sunset on Fatas Island is one of the tourist pleasures that visitors specially come to.

Shali Fort

Central Siwa is dominated by stunning organic forms of 13thcentury mudbrick remains, built in the traditional kershef technique (claysalt mixture), and Shali was finally abandoned: not because of the military invasion but because of the three days of rain in 1926 that caused More damages than any invaders, Shali Fort is honored as the best lonely planet pick and gets rough comments on TripAdvisor.

Dakrur Mountain

The threepeak mountain alDakrur (or Jabal alTakrur) can be seen as a landmark and offers a breathtaking view of its summit, and -Dakrur Mountain in the oasis of Siwa is the mountain of alMuwatta, the mountain of the dead, literally meaning the mountain of the dead, full of tombs from the twentysixth family (664 BC – 525 BC) The Ptolemaic period (305 BC – 30 BC) carved on the side of the rock.

Oracle Temple

It is located in the town of Aghrami, about 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) south of Siwa, and the remains of the famous Oracle Siwa Temple stand, and Oracle was once the main reason for coming to Siwa.

Perhaps the most famous pilgrim was Alexander the Great who came here She consulted it in 331 BC after the liberation of Egypt from Persian rule.

Why were the tyrants of God’s Paradise on earth?

Also, the Taghagin Oasis is characterized by being the most natural place, especially the ground and natural waters, especially in the “Cleopatra Bath”. There are also a large number of lakes in which there is salt water that is deposited on its shores. Winter, so it is one of the most preferred places to visit in January and February, and it is never recommended to visit it in the summer, except in case of necessity for treatment.

Where the village of Taghagin is located on an island estimated to be approximately 3800 square meters, in the great lake located in the Siwa Oasis, where the Taghagin enjoy a road that has a length of 2 km and on both sides of the road there is lake water, and upon reaching the end of the road you will find the island And that island consists of nearly twenty cottages ready for a happy and good stay for visitors.

Hotel prices in Tagine

As for the prices of accommodation for “tyrants” hotels or their cottages according to their location for online reservation, only one night costs between $ 60 and $ 100, including breakfast only.

As for how to get there, if you falter in getting a car until you reach the island, do not be upset because there are a number of buses for travel companies to Siwa that pass through the oasis of tyrants, so access to them is easy, easy and one of the most enjoyable trips.

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