Choose the right products

Make sure to choose the right shampoo according to the type of hair, whether the hair type is oily, normal, or dry, to avoid hair damage, and works to treat hair problems, such as: dandruff,[1] And the special type of dyed hair if the hair is dyed, and choose the types that are made or made of natural materials, as chemicals harm the hair and cause irritation to the eyes.[2] The use of conditioner is also one of the most important materials to maintain the softness and shine of hair, and it can be used separately from shampoo, or choose products that contain both shampoo and conditioner.[1]


Washing the hair well, taking care to avoid washing it more than once a day, and using a sufficient amount to cover the hair only, and be careful to avoid using very hot or very cold water,[1] As for the number of times the hair is washed, this depends on the type of hair and the amount of oil secretion in the scalp. If the hair is greasy, it may need to be washed more than other types, and chemically treated hair needs fewer times than natural hair.[2]

Follow a healthy diet

Hair needs healthy fats that help it grow well and healthy, and essential fatty acids that help moisturize the dry scalp with natural oils, and foods that contain healthy fats: salmon, olive oil, and avocado,[3] Eating foods that do not contain an adequate amount of protein leads to weak hair, increased fragility and loss, so the individual must take care to eat about 45 grams of protein per day, and foods that contain protein: poultry, fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, and beans.[1]

hair cut

Make sure to cut hair at least once every six months, in order to ensure better hair growth, and to get rid of split ends, which impede hair growth and damage, and increase its length, and hair cutting helps stimulate hair growth,[2] While avoiding cutting it at home, because a person cannot cut his hair from the back in a straight line, causing damage to it.[3]

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