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Tuesday July 28, 2020

Information about traveling from Kuwait, resuming flights, opening borders and flight schedule

Aviation traffic will be resumed in the State of Kuwait starting from the first of August, provided that this will be done in 3 stages within the plan for the gradual return to normal life according to what the Kuwaiti Cabinet announced, and the first phase will start in early August by 30%, and the second stage in February 2021 by 50%, while the third phase, which will start in August 2021, will witness 100% complete operation.

Here is the most important thing you should know about traveling to and from Kuwait, starting from guide manual For passengers returning to commercial operation at Kuwait International Airport issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation:

Passenger buildings from which flights will depart:

Main Terminal T1

Sheikh Saad Building for General Aviation T3

The building dedicated to Kuwait Airways T4

Jazeera Airways T5 building

The departing passenger must comply with the following:

  • Wearing the muzzle throughout the travel stages at the risk of preventing him from entering and subjecting him to the penalties for this violation
  • Tickets are booked electronically or by telephone and received via email to avoid infection
  • Knowing the requirements of the country to travel to, including checking the PCR or any other conditions and securing them, while adhering to the required period of validity of the certificate.
  • Knowing the procedures followed at Kuwait International Airport upon departure and arrival
  • Register on the platform “Kuwait – A Traveler” (Kuwaitmosafer) And the presentation of this barcode at all stages of travel, and it is important to arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight date
  • Only employees and travelers are allowed to enter the passenger terminals except for people with special needs, the elderly and special cases that require facilities for them inside the airport.
  • Undergo a heat test before entering the passenger terminals and in case the temperature exceeds 37.5 it will not be permitted to enter.
  • Adherence to preventive measures, first and foremost the issue of social separation.
  • Carryout or carryon luggage will not be permitted in the aircraft, except for the small bags of medicine, personal effects and children’s belongings.
  • Commitment to the mechanism of entry to the plane.

The next passenger must adhere to the following:

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  • The obligation to register in the “Schlank” application (Google Play And App Store) Before boarding
  • Obtaining an approved health PCR certificate confirming Covid19 coronavirus infection with a validity period of no more than 96 hours from the date of examination and submitted to the airline before accepting the flight.
  • A random PCR examination will be performed upon arrival at Kuwait Airport for 10% of the total arrivals per flight, and for those who show symptoms of the virus.
  • All incoming passengers will be subject to a home quarantine period of 14 days.

أين Where can you fly with Kuwait Airways from August? ✈️

Kuwait Airways announced that it will operate its flights to specific destinations, provided that the destinations are gradually increased in line with the instructions of the State of Kuwait and its guidelines.

The “Kuwaiti”, that the scheduled flights that will be resumed as of August 2020 are:

Amman, Bahrain, Bodrum, Baku, Beirut, Cairo, Chennai, Dammam, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Geneva, Istanbul, Kochi, Lahore, London, Mumbai, Munich, Riyadh and Trabzon.

She reminded the Kuwaiti that the passengers bear the full responsibility to ensure that they meet the entry requirements and health requirements of the destination countries, and they must be aware that these requirements may change between the time of reservation and the intended time of travel.

يمكنك Where can you fly on Jazeera Airways from August? ✈️

Jazeera Airways plans to operate flights from early August, for a period of six months, to 20 destinations that are in great demand by Kuwaitis.

Here is Jazeera Airways flight schedule

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Dubai: daily at 12:10 pm (local time in Kuwait)

Riyadh: Thursday and Saturday at 11:20 am

Amman: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 8:00 pm

Beirut: Wednesday, Friday, 11:15 am

Istanbul, IST Airport: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 8:25 am

Sabiha Gokcen: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, 9:50 am

Bodrum: Tuesday, Saturday, 10:30 am

Mumbai: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday at 8:10 pm

Hyderabad: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 6:30 pm

Cochin: Monday and Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 5:50 pm

Ahmedabad: Monday, Wednesday, 10:25 pm

Delhi: Tuesday, Thursday, 00:45 after midnight

Buchou: Friday, Sunday, 39:25 in the morning

Tbilisi: Tuesday, Saturday, 11:40 am

Assiut: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 11:30 pm

Luxor: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday at 11:55 pm

Sohag: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, 10:00 pm

Alexandria: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, 9:00 pm

Cairo: Daily 4:25 PM

Sharm ElSheikh: Thursday, Saturday, 4:30 pm

Passengers are required to register boarding on the island’s website or application, and then download the boarding pass or print it from the site.

Registration and baggage delivery service is also available 48 hours before the flight departure time, in the parking lots of T5 Building, where passengers can deliver their bags and receive a boarding pass. On the day of departure, passengers can go directly to the passport offices.

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