Turkmenistan is one of the countries located in the continent of Central Asia, bordered to the southeast by Afghanistan, to the south and southwest by Iran, to the east and northeast by Uzbekistan, to the north and northwest by Kazakhstan, with an area of ​​about 488,100 km², and a population of 4,751,120 people, according to statistics In 2015, the main currency used in it is the Turkmenistani manat, and in this article we will talk about the climate of Turkmenistan, its topography, religions, economy, culture, in addition to its tourism.

Climate in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has an extreme desert climate; Where it is cold in the winter, and sporadic rains fall, and temperatures reach below zero degrees Celsius, and in the summer, the climate is hot in the center of the country, and the temperature is moderate in the high areas of it.

Landforms in Turkmenistan

The various lands of Turkmenistan are known as flat desert; The Kara Kum desert extends in the central regions from the southeast to the northwest. It is a sandy plain covered with sand dunes. The Kopetdag mountain range extends along the southern border shared with Iran. The highest mountain peak is about 3.139 m

Religion in Turkmenistan

The Islamic religion is one of the main religions spread in the countries of Turkmenistan; Its residents belong to the Hanafi school, and the number of Muslims in it reaches about eighty-nine percent of the total population, and Christianity is spread in it, but the majority of those who embrace it are the Russian tribes residing in the country, and their percentage reaches nine percent.

Economy of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s economy depends largely on various industries, the most important of which are: oil, natural gas, phosphate extraction, iron, and manganese, in addition to many other natural materials; The percentage of the total oil and gas output amounting to more than forty-six billion dollars per year, and the economic inflation in it is approximately eleven percent of the total national income, and agricultural production is one of the activities that increase the national income of the state, in addition to the tourism and health fields. , therapeutic, and educational.

Culture in Turkmenistan

Country music is one of the most famous cultures spread from the countries of Turkmenistan, whose melodies are shared by the rural music of the Central Asian continent, and is greatly influenced by Turkish and Azeri music.

Tourism in Turkmenistan

There are many tourist attractions in Turkmenistan; The Abbeyfred Reserve is one of the most famous of these landmarks, which is characterized by its wonderful scenery, which must be visited by tourists from different countries of the world; This reserve was used in ancient times to protect the population from the attacks of enemies and the Bedouin people.

Information about the country of Turkmenistan

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