Belarus or Belarus is an Eastern European country, bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west of Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest, with a total area of ​​about 207,600 km², and a population of 9,466 .000 people, according to the latest available statistics for the year 2013 AD, and its capital is the city of Minsk.

The political situation of Belarus

Belarus is subject to republican rule. In 1996, the presidential term was extended to seven years. The National Assembly or Parliament was divided into the House of Representatives with one hundred and ten members, and the Council of the Republic with sixty-four members. In the past, a president was elected once every five years. Nationalism in its previous form participates in the rule of the president, according to the country’s constitution, which was approved in 1994.

The House of Representatives has the power to appoint the prime minister, approve constitutional amendments, to facilitate their implementation on the ground, and call for confidence in the prime minister’s government, in addition to providing advice on the state’s foreign and domestic policy. As for the powers of the Council of the Republic, it is represented in the ability to appoint officials in the government corps, And the impeachment trial of the president, and the right to approve or object to bills approved by the House of Representatives, while the two chambers have the right to veto any decision taken by any official, in case it violates the Belarusian constitution.

Administrative divisions of Belarus

Belarus includes six provinces, and they are called (oblasts), and each province or oblast has a local legislative authority known as the Municipal Council, and it is called (opelsovet), which is usually elected by the people of the province, and it also has a regional executive authority, called the oblast administration, and the person who runs it is elected by the president country.

The oblasts are divided into rayons or administrative districts, and each rayon has its own legislative authority (raysovet), elected by the local population, and an executive authority appointed by the highest executive authorities. We will mention to you the six oblasts that we talked about, and of which the Republic of Belarus consists:

  • Bobrisk Oblast.
  • Gomel oblast.
  • Grodno Oblast.
  • Mogilev Oblast.
  • Minsk Oblast.
  • Vitsbk oblast.

Geography of Belarus

Forests make up about forty percent of Belarus’s land, which is relatively flat. This country does not have any maritime borders, but there are many small rivers, including three major rivers; They are: Neman, Pripyat, and Dnieper, in addition to the presence of about eleven thousand lakes, and it is mentioned that the highest geographical point in Belarus is the Dzyarzhinsk hill, which has a height of about 345 m. Because of these numerous natural attractions, Belarus attracts large numbers of visitors annually.

The economy of Belarus

Belarus depends on the products it imports from Russia, most notably: oil. The agricultural sector also constitutes a good proportion of the national economy, such as the production of potatoes and livestock products. As for the industries that Belarus has been known for throughout its history; Textile industry and wood processing, and it is reported that more than half of the population works in companies affiliated with the state administration, while the rest work in an approximately proportion in the private sector, in addition to a small percentage of them work in foreign companies, or owned by foreigners.

Information about the country of Belarus

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