city ​​of toronto

The city of Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada at all, and it is the capital of the province of Ontario, this city is located in southern Ontario, specifically on the northeastern coast of Lake Ontario, and it is believed that the history of this city began at the end of the eighteenth century, when he bought the crown The British This city, where the British established a colony known as York City, which is the old name for the city of Toronto.

Toronto is considered a cosmopolitan city par excellence, as it has been chosen as one of the best cities in the world to live in, due to being considered the commercial capital of Canada, in addition to being home to the Canada Stock Exchange, and containing one of the five largest banks in the country.

Information about the city of Toronto

City History

This city was looted in the war of 1812 AD, specifically during the Battle of York, and in 1834 AD, York turned into a city called Toronto, and Toronto was exposed to two huge fires in 1849 AD, and in 1904 AD they caused great damage to the city. During its merger with many neighboring municipalities, and its last expansion was in 1998 AD.

city ​​climate

Toronto’s climate is characterized as a humid continental climate, where the summer is warm and humid. As for the winter, it is cold. The city experiences four different seasons with a large variation in temperature. This variation occurs in abundance in the winter; Because of the city’s proximity to the water, it is noteworthy that the climate in densely populated areas is warmer at night, and less cold in winter, as it is in the northern parts of the city, but the climate is colder in the spring, and in the afternoon times than in the summer the summer; This is due to the influence of the lake in the city.

The winter of the city is characterized by being very cold at times, with temperatures remaining below -10 sometimes, in addition to that, cold winds make the weather colder, and some snowstorms may occur that disrupt business and transportation in the city.

Education in the city

Toronto includes many educational and academic institutions specialized in the field of higher education, the most important of which is the University of Toronto, which was founded in 1827 AD, in addition to York University located in the northwest of the city, which was founded in 1959 AD, where this university is classified as the third largest university in the country, in addition to that The Toronto Local Council of Education manages approximately 558 public schools, which contain about 451 primary schools and 102 secondary schools, and the city contains many libraries, the most famous of which is the Toronto Public Library, which consists of several branches that reach about 98 branches, and more What distinguishes it is that it contains more than twelve million books.

Information about the city of Toronto

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